spreading i nteroperability in eprocurement processes across europe n.
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Spreading i nteroperability in eProcurement processes across Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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Spreading i nteroperability in eProcurement processes across Europe

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Spreading i nteroperability in eProcurement processes across Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spreading i nteroperability in eProcurement processes across Europe . Open Seminar Brussels December 6, 2012. The Irish case . Edmund Gray and Padraig Harte (IT Sligo , Ireland)

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spreading i nteroperability in eprocurement processes across europe

Spreading interoperability in eProcurement processes across Europe

Open Seminar


December 6, 2012

the irish case

The Irish case

Edmund Gray and Padraig Harte (IT Sligo, Ireland)

Ireland has taken advantage of - and in turn contributed significantly to - CEN/BII models and PEPPOL specifications, to build its national eInvoicingarchitecture.


The Irish case

An evolving success story


The Irish case

An evolving success story

Edmund Gray BSc

Institute of Technology Sligo

Project Technical Lead

Padraig Harte BSc MA

Institute of Technology Sligo

Lecturer in Computing

Project Coordinator


Presentation Overview

  • Project scope
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Participants
  • Issues
  • Experiences
  • Benefits
  • Road Map

Scope of Pilot

  • Setup by the National Multi-stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing which is chaired by the National Procurement Service.
  • To enable business, particularly SMEs, to efficiently send e-invoices to Government agencies.
  • To provide an interoperable and standards based infrastructure.
    • Cost reduction environment.
    • Innovative environment
    • Secure, reliable, transparent environment

Goals and Objectives

  • Goal  setup and test an interoperable infrastructure of approved Access Points for the exchange of e-invoices with Government Agencies
  • Objectives
    • Realise benefits
    • Provide Governance
    • Facilitate Adoption
    • Self maintaining
    • Independence
    • Flexibility


  • National Procurement Service – Project Management.
  • Institute of Technology, Sligo – R&D, Technical Lead.
  • Forum Sub Committee – review Buyers systems integration.
  • Government Departments - Buyers;
    • Office of Public Works, Health Service, Local Government, Defense, Justice, Enterprise Ireland.
  • Selected Businesses – Suppliers to Government.

Issues to resolve

  • Service Providers
  • Large buyers tend to work with a single Service Provider.
  • Government require an open standards based system suitable for eProcurement.
  • Suppliers do not understand the benefits
  • and may be forced to use more than one Service Provider.
  • Compliance
    • Pilot is run in compliance with existing and new VAT Legislation
    • IE MSF requirement to implement standards based on CEN EU Core Invoice – UN/CEFACT.
    • The system needs to be open and transparent
    • Facilitate the use of business controls as defined by eINV3 CEN CWA to satisfy the Integrity and Authenticity of all Invoices.
current situation with e invoicing
Current situation with e-invoicing

PEPPOL Solution

What happens when the numbers increase?

How does S5 connect to G2 or G1?







PEPPOL Specification (Governance, Standards (BII), Interoperability (AS2))












  • Providing transport infrastructure to link existing services providers.
  • Providing Governance to assure fair play among users.
    • CEN BII
    • Standardised documents
    • Aligned to various business processes
    • Assuring interoperability between Service Provider systems
  • Service Providers
    • Provide conformness to Data protection and Archiving rules as required by law.
    • Provide the last mile to both Buyers and Suppliers – maximising on-boarding.
    • Provide added value services to maximise benefit and innovation
    • Fallback
    • Experienced ICT Companies used.
    • 14 other Countries already involved who are willing to share experiences also.


  • Buyer and Seller can select their preferred pre-approved Service Provider.
    • - Some solutions are free.
    • - Added value services cost more but return more.
  • Studies suggest many implementations have an ROI of less than 1 year
  • However
  • System Setup will require resources and should be factored (on-boarding focus).
  • Higher costs depend on whether you require a project or an add-on module.

Road map

  • Current
    • Announcement by Minister responsible of commitment to PEPPOL based on successful pilot demonstration.
    • All Public Bodies should prepare to accept eInvoicing as soon as possible.
    • Date set to mandate e-invoices for all public sector using PEPPOL - 2016
  • Roll out
    • Specify dates of acceptance by all Public Bodies starting from Jan 2013 – announcement due soon..
  • Future
    • Dissemination for awareness among all stakeholders
    • Include documents such as Purchase Orders.
    • Investigate ePrior further.
    • Investigate setting up as a PEPPOL Authority.

Thank you


Edmund Gray


Padraig Harte