welcome to the dedication ceremony of the n.
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Welcome to the Dedication Ceremony of the PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Dedication Ceremony of the

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Welcome to the Dedication Ceremony of the - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Dedication Ceremony of the
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  1. Welcome to theDedication Ceremony of the James–McKean Memorial Hall Sunday, April 15th, 2012 A.D.

  2. Our Dedication We are Gathered Here to Dedicate this Newly Restored Church Hall to Two Members of St. John’s Episcopal Church who gave their Time and Talent to Preserve and Strengthen this Christian Fellowship: • Mr. Leroy S. James (1880-1958) • The Rev. William R. McKean, Jr. (1929-2010)

  3. LeRoy S. James • A Sunday School Teacher and a member of the St. John’s Vestry for many years. • In the mid-1930’s, the Diocese considered closing St. John’s because of low membership. • During this period, St. John’s did not have a full-time Rector. LeRoy helped fill that gap. • LeRoy was instrumental in helping reverse the membership decline, saving the Church for Future Generations of St. John’s Members.

  4. Photo of LeRoy S. James Sis Ennis described “Popper” as a modest man with brilliant blue eyes.

  5. LeRoy’s 1928 Chevy “Sunday School Bus” Jack Tucker recalls that this car carried eight or more children at a time.

  6. LeRoy’s “Little Rascals”

  7. LeRoy was a skilled Carpenter • Built the Main Altar that preceded the current one (now in the Parish House) • Dug out / Constructed a temporary Sunday School under the Main Church • LeRoy urged everyone to have “Time for Prayer and St. John’s”

  8. “Bill” McKean’s Life of Service • A 1947 graduate of Episcopal Academy, and of Trinity College, Hartford in 1951 • Served in the U.S. Army for 2 years • Bachelors in Divinity, with Honors, from Philadelphia Divinity School • Ordained in May 1956 - two weeks later married Nancy (nee Price). • Served as Rector of the Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, Drexel Hill for 27 years

  9. Bill and Nancy McKean “Father Bill” at work

  10. Baptisms were one of Fr. Bill’s Favorite Duties

  11. Bill’s Service to Others • During his 27 years at Holy Comforter, Bill . . . • Strengthened the Financial and Spiritual Life of the Parish • Expanded the Sunday School, the Teenage Group, Adult Bible Studies, Choir and Care to Shut-Ins. • Improved the Church Buildings and Grounds • Was also Chaplin for 40 years to Home of the Merciful Savior in Philadelphia • Helping Children with Cerebral Palsy • Constantly told each Child “Jesus loves you”

  12. Bible Study with Fr. Bill was enjoyed by many of St. John’s members

  13. Bill’s time at St. John’s • Joined the St. John’s Pastoral Staff after his retirement in 1993, serving three Successive Rectors and making many new friends. • Formed a Bible Study Group in 1996 • A Wonderful, Patient and Caring Teacher • Sermon’s were “Simple and Succinct” • After moving to Maris Grove in 2007, formed the “Episcopal Service for Residents”. • Married to Nancy for 53 Years. Loved his 2 daughters, 6 Grandchildren, plus enjoyed Golf, the Beach, Gardening and Traveling

  14. Celebrating Nancy and Bill’s 50th

  15. Fr. Bill’s Favorite Greeting: “God Loves You”

  16. This Hall Supports Many Functions • Church Coffee Hour and Socialization • Substance Abuse Help • Boy Scouts • Sunday School Functions • Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and Other Important Church Occasions • Outreach and Ministry • A Community-wide Resource for other organizations

  17. Our “Customers” Formal Tea Youth Group

  18. Our “Customers” St. John’s Auction Preparation for Trip to Guatemala

  19. Our “Customers” Thanksgiving Dinner Sunday School

  20. Our “Customers” . . . And it’s Air Conditioned! Coffee Hour

  21. Our Thanks to the Building Committee • Many Member’s of St. John’s gave their Time and Talent to achieve the Beautiful Hall we now enjoy. • We pray this Hall will provide many years of Fellowship and Service to St. John’s

  22. In Conclusion • It is very fitting that we Honor the Service of Leroy James and “Bill” McKean by naming this Hall after such outstanding individuals. • We pray that their examples of selfless service will continue to inspire the current and future generations of St. John’s members. • We also hope that the modernized facilities of this newly dedicated James-McKean Memorial Hall will help St. John’s in its Christian Mission in the Concord Area.

  23. Welcome to theDedication Ceremony of the James–McKean Memorial Hall Sunday, April 15th, 2012 A.D.