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Accounting By: Allison Warrick PowerPoint Presentation
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Accounting By: Allison Warrick

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Accounting By: Allison Warrick - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Accounting By: Allison Warrick
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  1. Accounting By: Allison Warrick

  2. What kinds of accountants are there? • There are four different kinds of accountants. • Public accountants work for public companies. They do accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting work. Some have their own businesses, but they all do different kinds of accounting for people outside of the companies they work for. • Management accountants keep track of money made and spent for the companies they work for. • Internal auditors make sure that the companies accounting records are right and that no one is stealing or wasting the company's money. • Government accountants and auditors make sure the government accounting records is right. They also check the records of people who are doing business with the government.

  3. How to become an accountant... • Most Accountants need a college degree in accounting, • Public accountants need a college degree, to take a test to be certified, and they need a license from the state they live in. • Some accountants might need a masters degree in business or accounting, depending on the employer. • They also should have some computer skills

  4. How much they work and how much they earn... • Accountant work 40 hrs. a week but some work 50 hrs. or more each week. • Accountants earn somewhere between $42,502 and $71,960 a year.

  5. Conclusion Because of this project I have realized all the things I need to know and I am able to think about how I'm going to achieve my goal of being an accountant, and even though you have to do more to become it, I think I am going to become a Public accountant.