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How Addison Got Started?

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How Addison Got Started? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Addison Got Started?. Aligned WiFi technology with Mayor’s, Council’s, and the City Manager office’s goals,

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how addison got started
How Addison Got Started?
  • Aligned WiFi technology with Mayor’s, Council’s, and the City Manager office’s goals,
  • The Town of Addison WiFi initiative started in 2003. Deployment included implementing WiFi services at the Addison Conference Centre and Theatre, and expanding WiFi service to the resident and the business community. The goal was to provide an affordable Town-wide wireless mobile broadband network, create an healthy competition market for the community, generate incremental revenue streams for the Town, and act as an incentive to continue attracting the strong business community Addison is known for.
  • Identified the community’s needs for wireless fidelity (WiFi) technology,
  • Used items (1) and (2) to identify financial impact on economic development and short coming of the city’s services in absence of WiFi technology for the community,
  • Did feasibility study to compare WiFi vs. the other solutions,
  • Identified Addison’s assets
  • Stayed informed on what’s going on at the State and Federal levels,
  • Identified the 3rd, 4th, …parties involvements,
  • Justified the implementation cost,
  • Stayed alert to handle opposition from the other providers,
  • Did Marketing and promotions.
  • February 2004, WiFi Conference Centre (1st phase) launched
  • February 2005, business plan, funding strategy and recommendations delivered to the Council for phase 2
  • March 2005, RedMoon launched implementation
  • August 2005, metro-scale wireless network “LIVE”
funding models
Funding Models
  • Government owned and operated
    • City/County owns pole rights or has right-of-way authority
  • Government owned and privately operated
    • Public/Private partnership
  • Joint Power Authority
  • Not-for-Profit owned and operated
  • Non-Profit owned and privately operated
  • Enterprise owned and operated with revenue sharing
    • Tiered subscription fees, one time usage revenue; roaming revenues
    • Fees shared