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Jupiter. Julianna Sutow. Jupiter’s symbol. Name. Jupiter was named after the King of the Roman God. It was the largest and most powerful object in the sky. D iscovery. Who- Galileo When- 1610 How- He turned his first telescope on Jupiter. Distances.

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  • Jupiter was named after the King of the Roman God.
  • It was the largest and most powerful object in the sky
d iscovery
  • Who- Galileo
  • When- 1610
  • How- He turned his first telescope on Jupiter
  • Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun
  • Distance from the sun is 778,500,00 km
  • Distance from the earth
    • Closest- 628,743,036
    • Farthest- 928,081,020
planet measurements
Planet Measurements
  • Mass- 1.898x1027 kg
  • Volume- 1,431,281,810,739,360 km3
  • Density- 1.33 g/cm3
  • Jupiter would sink because its density is more than 1
  • Gravity- 24.79 m/s2
orbit and rotation
Orbit and Rotation
  • It takes 11.86 years and 4,332 days to orbit the sun
  • It takes every 9.9 hours to rotate on its axis
  • Jupiter has a thick atmosphere made of helium and hydrogen. Its atmosphere is a great red spot
  • It ranges from about – 190°F or -128°C for a visible surface to 9°F at lower cloud level some regions reach 40°F.
  • Jupiter is a lot colder than Earth and Florida
composition appearance
Composition/ Appearance
  • Jupiter is a gas giant
  • Jupiter’s internal composition is liquid hydrogen, metal elements
  • Jupiter is covered with thick red brown, yellow and white clouds. The atmosphere is red and is large
  • The weather is large. Storms that grow to cover thousands of km within hours. Wind whipping the clouds at 360 kph and storms that last for hundreds of years
  • Discovered by NASH’s voyager 1 in 1980. They do not reflect a lot of sunlight they receive. There are 3 rings of Jupiter.
    • Halo ring- faint wide ring
    • Main ring- thin ring
    • Gossamer ring- faint wide ring
  • There are 63 moons- they were discovered from 1610-2011 there are 67 including the 4 large moons known as the Galilean satellites
  • Yes, there is water, small amounts. It is in the form of water vapor in the cloud tops
what would happen to a human on jupiter
What would happen to a human on Jupiter?
  • You would be crushed my Jupiter’s gravity, poisoned by the atmosphere and the surface would absorb you
interesting fact
Interesting Fact
  • Jupiter only takes 10 hours to complete to a full rotation on its axis. The planet has flattened out because it spins so fast

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