Installing and uploading project zip code
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Installing and Uploading Project Zip Code - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Installing and Uploading Project Zip Code. What You Will Need:. A Windows Computer Running 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 Access to the Internet Your Membership Database exported and saved somewhere easily accessible

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What you will need
What You Will Need:

  • A Windows Computer Running 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7

  • Access to the Internet

  • Your Membership Database exported and saved somewhere easily accessible

  • Your Membership Database in a format compatible with PZC: Access, CSV, Excel, Dbase, FoxPro, Oracle, etc.

Downloading project zip code
Downloading Project Zip Code

Please go to and click on “Download Project Zip Code Version 11”

Initializing the installation
Initializing the Installation

To run the Installation program for Project Zip Code Please Click [Run] when asked

Installing project zip code
Installing Project Zip Code

  • Click [Next] to complete the installation of PZC 11.0

  • Select the location where you would like to Save PZC.

    • Note: the default save location is the C drive

Installing project zip code1
Installing Project Zip Code

  • Click on [Next] to continue the installation

    • It may take a few moments to complete the installation

  • Be sure the “Launch Project Zip Code” box is checked and click [Close] to begin running PZC!

Locating and mapping your database
Locating and Mapping Your Database

  • You have successfully installed PZC, now it’s time to upload your data

  • Click [Continue] to accept the terms and usage of PZC

    • If the Welcome screen does not appear, please double-click the PZC Version 11 icon

Locating your database
Locating Your Database

  • PZC Works in several formats: Excel, CSV, FoxPro, etc.

  • You must have the following fields in your database:

    • Street

    • City

    • State

    • Zip

  • Save your Database to where it is easily accessible

Locating your database1
Locating Your Database

  • Select the format your database has been saved in

    • Excel, CSV, FoxPro, dBase

  • Select where your database is saved

  • Select the name your database has been saved as

    • The database will then appear in the bottom box labeled “File Name”

Mapping your database
Mapping Your Database

  • Click on the [Continue] button after making sure your database is properly located

  • Select the correct membership table. It will be labeled according to which sheet in your file contains the membership information (‘patrons’ ‘customers’ ‘sheet 1’)

Mapping your database1
Mapping Your Database

  • The Mapping form allows you to pick the fields in your data table to complete the data construction for PZC Upload

  • The “Table” Line will show the name of the selected membership table

  • Use the drop down menu on the right to select the appropriate fields

  • Street Address, City, and State are required

    • If your unsure of the field names click [Auto Find Fields]

Creating the preliminary dataset
Creating the Preliminary Dataset

  • After successfully mapping your data, PZC will begin counting the number of records in your database and prepare to send them to the secure server

  • Once the records are counted you will get a message telling you the number of good records and asking you to connect to the internet in case you disconnected

  • When the Generating Data screen appears, please click [Continue] to register with PZC and the secure server

Registering with project zip code
Registering with Project Zip Code

  • If you are a returning PZC user, please enter your Email and Password and click [Login]

  • If you are a new user, or have forgotten your password click on [New Registration]

  • Please fill out the New User Contact Information as completely as possible and then click [Add]

Registering with project zip code1
Registering with Project Zip Code

  • After entering your user information you will be asked to find your Credit Union Information. Click [Look-Up Credit Union]

  • In the “Credit Union Name” box, type in the first few letters of your credit union’s name and click [Search] or press “enter”

Registering with project zip code2
Registering with Project Zip Code

  • After you find your credit union on the list, click on the name to highlight it and then click [Select]

  • On the Credit Union Info page, be sure to select which League you are affiliated with under “League Name”

Connecting to the secure server
Connecting to the Secure Server

  • Please click [Upload] to connect to the PZC secure server and send your data

    • You will be asked twice to confirm you are uploading for the correct credit union. Please click [Yes]

Uploading your data to pzc
Uploading your Data to PZC

  • To match your membership data to their legislative districts and counties on the secure server, please click [Upload]

    • Be sure the email address given is correct. This address will receive the encryption and matching complete message from PZC

  • Once the upload is complete you will receive an “Upload Successful” message

Downloading your encrypted data
Downloading your Encrypted Data

Once the secure server has completed the matching of your data and encrypted it, you will receive the confirmation email below. After you receive this email, please double click on the PZC Version 11 icon to download and unlock your data.

Downloading your encrypted data1
Downloading your Encrypted Data

  • Click [Login] to retrieve your data

  • Be Sure the Login information is correct and click [Login]

Downloading your encrypted data2
Downloading your Encrypted Data

  • Click [Download Results] to retrieve your encrypted data

    • The “Status of Upload” field should say “Ready.” If it does not, wait a little longer to download your totals.

Downloading your encrypted data3
Downloading your Encrypted Data

  • The encrypted data is now being downloaded to your computer. This may take a few moments.

  • Success! You have uploaded and matched your data to PZC.

Pzc install and upload complete
PZC Install and Upload Complete!

Congratulations on successfully installing and uploading your data to Project Zip Code! You are now able to run reports and queries on your membership. These reports and queries were designed to help your credit union in grassroots and marketing activities. You now have full access to the PZC website as well.