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Counter- Culturalism

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Counter- Culturalism. Ali Mac Jinks. Ben mezrich. Born in 1969 Wrote Bringing Down the House in 2003 Thoroughly researched the world of card counting; he even strapped $250,000 to his body while going through airport security Has written twelve books

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counter culturalism


Ali Mac Jinks

ben mezrich
Ben mezrich
  • Born in 1969
  • Wrote Bringing Down the House in 2003
  • Thoroughly researched the world of card counting; he even strapped $250,000 to his body while going through airport security
  • Has written twelve books
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard
jack kerouac
Jack Kerouac
  • Born in 1922 and died in 1969
  • Wrote On the Road in 1951
  • Grew up in Canada and spoke French as his first language
  • Attended Columbia University before dropping out
  • Lived his life as an itinerant beatnik, hitching rides across the country
tom wolfe
Tom Wolfe
  • Was born in 1931
  • Graduated from Washington and Lee and Yale
  • Worked as a newspaper reporter for ten years
  • Wrote The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Testin 1969
  • Lived with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters in order to write this non-fiction story
on the road 1951
On the Road (1951)
  • An autobiography about Jack Kerouac and his buddies’ itinerant lifestyle that helped to define the Beat Generation
  • Includes many counter-cultural behaviors including: meaningless sexual intercourse, the careless use of drugs, and listening to the highly controversial jazz music of that age
  • Sal Paradise (Kerouac) and Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassidy) lead peripatetic lives looking for the meaning of their lives.
the electric kool aid acid test 1969
The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test (1969)
  • Ken Kesey (author of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest) stars as the main character.
  • He was the leader of the “Merry Pranksters,” a group of hippies during the sixties that rode across America in their psychedelic colored bus tripping on LSD.
  • Wolfe essentially became a Merry Prankster in order to pen this non-fiction book.
  • Members of the Merry Pranksters and anyone else to cared to participate could take the “Acid Test.” These were parties thrown by Kesey where people showed up to take LSD and watch light shows or do anything else to enhance the person’s trip.
the electric kool aid acid test 19691
The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test (1969)
  • Once Kesey is arrested after being caught twice with marijuana, he designates his best friend Kenneth Babbs as the new leader of the Merry Pranksters.
  • Babbs was known to give unsuspecting people LSD-laced kool-aid, surprising them with an acid trip.
  • The Merry Pranksters were notorious for taunting and looking down upon “straight people,” AKA people who were not as high and free-spirited as them.
  • Ken Kesey and his followers are actually accredited for pulling America out of the Beat Generation and into the Hippie Generation.
the electric kool aid acid test 19692
The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test (1969)
  • Counter-cultural activities are most evident in this book.
  • The Merry Pranksters ignore all responsibilities and spend almost every second of their lives tripping on LSD and other psycho-active drugs.
  • One could almost say that the Merry Pranksters acted very immaturely. They took every moment they could to taunt “straight people.”
bringing down the house 2003
Bringing down the House (2003)
  • This non-fiction, yet exaggerated, story is about Kevin Lewis’s involvement with the MIT blackjack team.
  • These incredibly intelligent students counted cards usually in Las Vegas, which was not illegal but was frowned upon. If they were caught, the casino bosses would kick them out.
  • Kevin Lewis and his team enjoy a very lavish lifestyle with all the money they won at the blackjack tables. The students end up dropping out of MIT and begin to neglect their responsibilities.
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