The keys to a colorful interactive note taking system
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The Keys to a Colorful Interactive Note-taking System. (Or…How to Actually Remember Stuff Months Later). But I’ve Always Taken Notes MY Way and I Don’t Want to Change. Let’s actually USE psychological principles…. Dude…Like, the Colors (ooooooooooh). RED (Key Questions) GREEN (Terms)

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The keys to a colorful interactive note taking system

The Keys to a Colorful Interactive Note-taking System

(Or…How to Actually Remember Stuff

Months Later)

But i ve always taken notes my way and i don t want to change
But I’ve Always Taken Notes MY Way and I Don’t Want to Change

Let’s actually USE psychological principles…

Dude like the colors ooooooooooh
Dude…Like, the Colors (ooooooooooh) Change

  • RED (Key Questions)

  • GREEN (Terms)

  • PURPLE (Definitions)


  • ORANGE (Applications/Thoughts)

  • BLUE (Summary)

  • BLACK (Check-up Questions)

Sample notes
Sample Notes Change

Scottie McStudent

August 14, 2003

Chapter 1: Pages 1 - 6

How did psychology develop from speculation to science?

Psychology: the study of the mind

Psyche (soul) & logos (study of subject)

Wundt (1832-1920) Founder of Psychology - Germany

1st lab (1879) - psych’s d.o.b.

Psych is so new! I thought it had been around longer

Blah blah blah (more notes)

What’s the difference between Functionalism & Structuralism?

Structuralism: examine structure of consciousness (sensations, feelings, and images)

Functionalism: examine function of consciousness

Blah blah blah (more notes) then summarize it all

Questions: Founder of functionalism? (James)

Which (s or f) eventually “won”? functionalism

Why the heck do i have to do so much junk
Why the Heck Do I Have to Do So Much Junk? Change

Your brain likes



Novel Stimuli

Breaking it down
Breaking It Down Change

5 pts = Questions

10 pts = Terms

20 pts = Definitions

and Names

5 pts = Applications

and Thoughts

5 pts = Summary

5 pts = Check-up Questions


50 points

Day to day stuff
Day to Day Stuff Change

  • Homework will be stamped each day

  • All notes will be turned in on the day of the Chapter Exam.

  • 50 total points possible for each chapter’s notes

  • 10 points will be subtracted for each missing stamp

But What If… Change(my dog eats it, I forgot to do it, I left it at home, it’s in my boyfriend’s car, I had to work late last night, etc.)?

  • Attach one homework pass for each missing stamp.

  • Turn in the homework pass with your notes on the day of the exam.

  • New passes are issued each quarter.

What do i do if i m absent i guess i just don t have to do it right haha
What Do I Do If I’m Absent? ChangeI guess I just don’t have to do it, right? haha

  • Show it to me the following day so I can stamp it

  • Don’t wait until the day of the test

  • You will always have the assignments ahead of time

  • Check my website or call a friend