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At High Ham pupils have been exploring our past. PowerPoint Presentation
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At High Ham pupils have been exploring our past.

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At High Ham pupils have been exploring our past. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Piran and Jack. Billy and Ethan. Daisy and Amy. Ollie, Bailey and Josh. Uma and Carmina. Naomi, Lola and Lawrence. Poppy, Amy and Emily. At High Ham pupils have been exploring our past. Click on a name to go to research that these pupils have done. Catherine and Zoe. Lara and Georgia.

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Piran and Jack

Billy and Ethan

Daisy and Amy

Ollie, Bailey and Josh

Uma and Carmina

Naomi, Lola and Lawrence

Poppy, Amy and Emily

At High Ham pupils have been exploring our past.

Click on a name to go to research that these pupils have done.

Catherine and Zoe

Lara and Georgia

Alex, Elliott and George

the pound
The Pound
  • What they do if the farmer has lost his animal he will go to the pound and see if it isthere.
  • If the farmer was taking his cattle to market he would go to the pound to drop off his cattle and he would go to the pub to sleep for that night.
  • It would look first for his animals if he found his animal he would have to pay one pound.



the village hall
The Village Hall
  • The hall was made for meetings.
  • The village hall was built in 1925.
  • The village hall was used for village dancing.
  • There is a car park at the back of the hall.
  • The village hall was huge.
  • The windows are big and small.




The Bakery

The Pound


The OldRectory

the pound1


The Pound
  • The pound was used for storing lost farmanimals.
  • To get back your farm animals you had topay a pound.
  • When on their travels farmers could put their animals to store overnight in thepound.
  • The pound is next to Manor farm.
the old bakery
The Old Bakery


  • The owners of the bakery would go aroundthe village to people’s houses asking if they would like a loaf of bread.
  • The baker sold loaves of bread and pastries.
the old rectory
The Old Rectory


  • It used to be a boarding school for rich people from abroad.
  • Some of the children who went there had famous parents.
  • The Rector (Vicar) would live there.
the shop


The Shop
  • The shop sold sweets and everyday items.
  • If children had a few pennies they would go to the shop and buy some sweets.
  • The shop was owned by the Spears family.
high ham in speech bubbles
High Ham in Speech Bubbles



the pound2
  • The pound is where animals go when they get lost.
  • If the farmer was going on a long journey and he needed a rest he would lave his animals at the pound for the night.
  • The pound has been around for many years now.


the bakery
The Bakery
  • The bakery is now very old.
  • In the old days the baker would make bred and then deliver it to the people in the village.
  • The bakery has been around for many years now.



The Pound

The Rectory

The Shop

the rectory
The Rectory
  • The Rectory is next to the School, on the right.
  • The vicar lives in the Rectory.
  • The vicar sold the Rectory.
  • In High Ham were 3 Rectory.
  • The Rectory used to be a boarding school


the pound3
The Pound
  • The Pound is opposite the Village Hall.
  • The Pound is were the farmers lost animals get put in there.
  • The pound is now used for site seeing.
  • You can also see Glastonbury Tor from the Pound.


the shop1
The Shop
  • The shop sells sweets.
  • The shop is used now as a house.
  • The shop is opposite the school.


the village hall1
The Village Hall
  • The Village Hall was used for meetings and parties.
  • It was also used for gatherings.
  • It was made in 1925

It was also made for parties


the pound4
The Pound
  • If a farmer loses its animal the animal will go to the pound and the farmer will go to the pound and will have to pay to get it back.
  • The pound is a place were animals go if gets lost
  • The farmer will pay a pound to get the animal back.

Only farm animals can go to the pound.


high ham
High Ham

The Shop

High ham the Front of School

The Pound

high ham in front of the school now
High ham in Front of the School Now

This is the front door of the school


high ham shop
High Ham shop
  • The children go after school to get some sweets or food with their money.
  • It was the only local shop in the village.

This is the Shop



High Ham pound

  • If a animal was lost they will go to the pound.
  • The animals will be cared and healthy.
  • The pound is opposite the village hall.

The Pound





the pound5
The Pound
  • The pound is a place for farmers to put the animals at night.
  • There is no gate.
  • It is a sight -seeing place now.


the old shop
The Old Shop
  • It was called the Old Spear’s Shop.
  • It sold lots of sweets



The Pub

The Village Hall

The Pound

high ham village hall
High Ham Village Hall
  • The Village Hall was built in 1925.
  • Nowadays the Village hall is used as a venue for party’s and meetings.
  • The Village hall has recently had a new car park built for it.
  • The Village Hall is 87 years old.


the old pound
The Old Pound
  • The oldpound is opposite the Village Hall.
  • If you had lost your animal you would go to the Pound to see if your animal was there.
  • If your animal was there you would have to pay to get it back.


the kings head inn
The Kings Head Inn
  • The Kings Head Inn is an old pub in High Ham.
  • The pub is hundreds of years old.
  • The pub is also a restaurant.
  • It is open at night for games.
  • This is the pub.





the pound6
The Pound
  • The Pound is a place where other farmers put other farmers animals in.
  • The Pound is also for animals to go if they escape
  • The animals on a journey and if they fall out the back of a truck they go to the pound. The farmers then have to pay a pound to get them out.


the shop2
The Shop
  • The shop is now a house.
  • The shop sold all sorts of sweets and candy
  • and food.


high ham1
High Ham

High Ham School

The Old Rectory

high ham school
High ham school
  • Did you know that the old school had a split between the playground so the girls had one side and the boys had the other!!!
  • The old school also had a swimming pool were Maple class is now !
  • Did you know that when the school opened it was in 1864 and there were only 50 children in the school and 2 teachers and 2 classes.
  • We found out in the log book that when the children showed bad behaviour the teachers would write it down in the log book and they had stripes as a response from the teachers.
  • Stripes are what the children got instead of getting told off. They got up to 6 stripes on the bottom, leg, hand or on the back with a cane which was solid and very hard.



the old rectory1
The Old Rectory
  • Did you Know that the old rectory used to be a private boarding School.
  • The only children who could who could learn there were very rich children with very famous parents who came from all over the world!!
  • If you woke up very early in the morning you could see all the fancy cars pulling up outside the gates!
  • Now the Old Rectory is a house owned by a very rich couple.