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A Tool for Development of Online Expert System Developed By :

A Tool for Development of Online Expert System Developed By : Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute. Introduction.

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A Tool for Development of Online Expert System Developed By :

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  1. A Tool for Development of Online Expert System Developed By : Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute

  2. Introduction This Project is meant to provide required information and expert advice to the farmers and extension workers at KrishiVigyan Kendra’ s according to their needs & available resources. For example: - • On the basis of symptoms supplied by the farmer, diseases affecting the crop can be detected • Which variety should be adopted according to the geographical locations or climate for a better yield, etc.

  3. AgriDaksh Features •  One system for all crops with ability to create knowledge models for new crops • Location specific variety information with the ability to add multiple pictures for each variety • Comprehensive plant protection sub module with • Diseases • Insects • Weeds • Nematodes • Physiological disorders

  4. AgriDaksh Features • Ability for domain experts to define problems and create decision trees to solve the problems • Ontology based diseases and insects identification and variety selection • Ability to add static web pages • Powerful administrative module • Full featured online help • Semantic Web compliant • Built on robust, platform independent Java technology using n-tier web architecture

  5. AgriDaksh Modules Keeping in mind the user friendliness, AgriDaksh has been designed in the following modules: • Knowledge Model Creation • Knowledge Acquisition • Problem Identification • Knowledge Retrieval • Ask Questions to Experts • Administration

  6. Maize AgriDaksh • Collaborated with Directorate of Maize Research • DMR Scientists are domain experts • AgriDaksh is a base technology

  7. Home Page

  8. Knowledge Model Creation •  First step for building an expert system of a crop through AgriDaksh is to build its knowledge model. • Knowledge model can be build by selecting the desired attributes from the Attributes List and moving them to Selected Attribute List. • Once, the desired attributes are chosen, domain experts can enter the values of these attributes for each and every variety of the crop.

  9. Knowledge Model Creation

  10. Knowledge Acquisition Knowledge Acquisition module is used for entering knowledge about various entities such as • Crop varieties, • Diseases, • Insect-pests, • Weeds, • Nematodes, • Physiological disorders • Post harvest technology.

  11. Knowledge Acquisition – Variety Management

  12. Problem Identification This module has two sub modules: Rule based problem identification First sub module allows the domain experts to define the problem and develop decision tree to solve the problem. Once the tree is developed, farmers can get the solution about the problem in their situation. Ontology based problem identification The second sub module allows the farmers to identify the diseases and insects affecting their crops as well as select varieties according to their location and conditions.

  13. Ontology based Problem Identification

  14. Knowledge Retrieval Knowledge Retrieval module is the most important module as far as farmers are concerned. Through this module, a farmer can get information about each and every thing that domain experts have entered e.g., plant protection sub module allows farmers to retrieve knowledge about diseases, insects, weeds, nematodes and physiological disorders.

  15. Knowledge Retrieval

  16. Ask Questions to Experts • Using this module a farmer can ask question directly to domain experts. • The system transfers the question to relevant domain experts and sends answer to the farmer thorough email. • The same is displayed in the system for the benefit of other farmers.

  17. Administration • This module is for the administrator for controlling the overall functionality of the system. • Using this module administrator can create different type of users such as end users, domain experts, domain expert validators, and crop administrator. • One can add a new crop and assign a crop administrator for that crop.

  18. Team AgriDaksh • SudeepMarwaha, Hari Om Agarwal, H.S. Sikarwar, Pal Singh, ArijitSaha Maize AgriDaksh • V.K. Yadav, R. Sai Kumar, Sangit Kumar, P.Kumar, JyotiKaul, K.P. Singh, ChitermalParihar, M.L. Jat, Kamlesh Kumar

  19. Thank you!

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