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MISSION STATEMENT. The mission of Safety Animal is to make a positive difference in the lives of all Americans ; creatting a new method by machine to quit all the fleas & ticks of the animals . Making America , a place without fleas . .

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Themission of Safety Animal istomake a positive difference in thelives of allAmericans; creatting a new methodby machine toquitallthefleas & ticks of theanimals. MakingAmerica, a place withoutfleas.


Animal HealthCenter of theUnitedStatesrecommends complete flea control for the house, yard and pet. Certain products are recommended based on the individuals situation and the breed and health of the pet. They prefer not to use chemicals such as those found in feed stores which have the possibility of causing harmful reactions to the pet or the environment.


Most people concentrate on what they see, which is natural of course, but controlling only 5% of the total flea population will never get us anywhere. The solution to flea control is to concentrate on the eggs and larval stages before they develop the cocoon or pupae. The eggs and larvae need the correct amount of humidity, sunlight, and food source to survive. These facts help us to decide where these flea stages may hide.