please silently work on the do now n.
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Please SILENTLY work on the DO NOW. When you enter…. SWBAT compare and contrast Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. by analyzing the actions of both leaders. Objective. It was a movement that began in the 1960s in the US. It was led primarily by African Americans. The Civil Rights Movement.

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the civil rights movement1

It fought for civil rights, specifically for African Americans

Voting rights, equality, desegregation, etc.

The Civil Rights Movement
two major leaders

There were many leaders of the Civil Rights Movement

Two major leaders are Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Both are remembered for their ideologies, actions, and speeches

Two Major Leaders
malcolm x

He was known for being an advocate for African American rights.

He blamed white America for its “crimes against Negroes”

He advocated separation of whites and blacks

He encouraged African American racial pride and the Pan-African Movement

Malcolm X
pan african movement

It is a movement that encourages the solidarity and racial pride of Africans worldwide

Malcolm X was a major leader of the movement and felt all people of African descent should unite together to fight against suppression

Pan-African Movement
martin luther king jr

He was known for being an advocate for African American rights.

He fought through nonviolent civil disobedience (examples?)

Many of his speeches focused around integration and desegregation, including his “I Have A Dream” speech given during the March on Washington, 1963

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Synonym to desegregation

Means to combine races and create a world where everyone lives together peacefully

martin luther king jr1

“I Have A Dream”

Martin Luther King, Jr.
malcolm x1

“Message to the Grassroots” Clip

Malcolm X