The Man Behind The Company
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The Man Behind The Company. By: Kathryn Schaber.

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The Man Behind The Company

By: Kathryn Schaber

Chris Schaber,Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, dad, husband, entrepreneur. Responsible for day-to-day operation of FSCreations. Providing direction to sales,marketing, development, and technical support teams. Co- founder of FSC in 1991, previously Development manager at South-Western Publishing Company. Editing several textbooks. Plus he taught programming and

Computer literacy courses. Holding an MBA in Information Systems and a BBA in Operations Management from the University of Cincinnati. Working with over 30 clients, and working 6-7 days a week, this is a man who doesn’t take his work lightly.

Not Your Average Company

Chris decided to start his own business that makes educational programs when he saw products he knew he could make better.His friends helped him to plan, and the small Business Association, or SBA.helped too, he started with 2 people working for him, and now today he has around 38 people working for him only14 years later. The person he started with was his co-founder Bob Fisk, hence the name

FSCreations (Fisk Schaber Creations). It took him 5 years of college to master this field, does he regret it? Absolutely not! How does he decide what to do next?, costumers of course. Testing? Feed back from costumers, and focus groups. Looks like this is more than your run of the mill place. With anywhere from 2-10 people working on a program at a time, they are constantly busy.


So, if this company is so great, who do they help?! They help teachers, students, education programs and anyone who just wants to learn. Some teachers who use their products in the area are: Mrs. Christy(QuickTake), Mrs. Yelton(ExamView), and others. They show off there products by e-mail, newsletters, and catalogs. He travels

all over the country.He travel to places such as CA, FL, MA, just to name a few, for conferences. And takes much pride in his work. So if you need help, never fear Chris is here.

Chris Schaber, developer of new educational software.

Contact Information

If you want to contact FSC you can find them at, for product information look for they’re catalog, or contact by e-mail. They are now located at One Lytle in Downtown Cincinnati.

FSC, taking leadership and excelling it to the max!