the caridovascular system for dummies n.
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The Caridovascular System for Dummies! PowerPoint Presentation
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The Caridovascular System for Dummies!

The Caridovascular System for Dummies!

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The Caridovascular System for Dummies!

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  1. The Caridovascular System for Dummies! By Cristian & Wayne Period 3

  2. IMPORTANT STUFF The heart is an organ that pumps blood. It has two pumps. These pumps relax when taking in blood and contract as they send out blood. The left side of the heart is a stronger pump than the right side. The blood vessels form a system of connecting tubes throughout the body. There are three major types of these vessels. Arteries carry blood from the heart. Veins return blood to the heart. Capillaries are tiny vessels that connect the arteries and the veins. The blood has a liquid called plasma and three kinds of solid particles known as formed elements. Plasma is made mostly water, it also contains proteins, minerals, and other substances.

  3. IMPORTANT STUFF Continued Red blood cells carry oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body. White blood cells help protect the body from disease. Platelets have substances that enable blood to clot. Platelets aid in preventing the loss of blood from injured vessels.

  4. MEDICAL ADVICE On this card find one disease that can damage this system and report the cause, symptoms and treatment. Arteriosclerosis Which results from fat in the arteries. This stiffen and thicken the walls of the arteries. As a result, The blood cant go through. In some cases, blood clots develop in vessels affected by arteriosclerosis. Such clots may lead to a heart attack or a stroke. Treatment for arteriosclerosis includes rest, exercise, and changes in the diet

  5. Health Tip A balanced diet provides all the foods needed by the body for healthy growth and development Overeating can lead to a lot of weight, which hurts the heart and increases the risk of getting illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, so don`t over eat!!! The safest way to lose weight is to consult a doctor or dietitian and follow the directions he or she gives.

  6. Interesting Facts Circulatory system is a system that carries blood throughout the body. In some animals without a backbone, the circulatory system is made of a simple pathways of tubes and hollow spaces. In removal of wastes and poisons. The circulatory system helps get rid of waste and poisons that would harm the body if they grew. These matierial include carbon dioxide, salts, and ammonia, a by-product of the cell's use protein.The liver removes ammonia and other wastes, and various poisons that enter the body through the digestive system. The liver converts the wastes and poisons into water-matierials, which are carried by the blood to the kidneys. The kidneys filter out these and other water-matierials,wastes and expel them from the body in urine.

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