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Revenue Insurance for Livestock Producers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Revenue Insurance for Livestock Producers. Two insurance products are now available. Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) For hogs, fed cattle and feeder cattle In CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, ND, OK, OH, SD, TX, UT, WV, WI, WY Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) For hogs, only

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for Livestock


Two insurance products are now available
Two insurance products are now available

  • Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

    • For hogs, fed cattle and feeder cattle

    • In CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, ND, OK, OH, SD, TX, UT, WV, WI, WY

  • Livestock Gross Margin (LGM)

    • For hogs, only

    • Available in Iowa, only

Lgm and lrp

  • Regulated and re-insured by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

  • LRP has 13% premium subsidy

  • Both can be withdrawn in case of extraordinary market conditions

Livestock gross margin
Livestock Gross Margin

  • Guarantees a minimum return over feed costs (gross margin)

  • Gross margin is based on:

    • Price of lean hog futures contracts

    • Price of corn on the CBOT futures

    • Price of soybean meal on the CBOT

  • Fits producer who buys feed best

Livestock gross margin1
Livestock Gross Margin

  • Classify hogs as feeder pig finishing, SEW finishing, or farrow to finish.

  • Project number to be marketed up to 6 months in advance.

  • Check guarantees available on

Livestock gross margin2
Livestock Gross Margin

  • Can guarantee from 80 to 100% of the projected gross margin.

  • Each marketing month is a separate guarantee.

  • If the actual gross margin is less than the guarantee, the producer receives a payment.

Livestock gross margin3
Livestock Gross Margin

  • LGM is sold only on the last business day of each month.

  • Sold from close of markets until 9:00 am the next working day.

  • Can be withdrawn in case of extraordinary market circumstances

Lgm results for farrow to finish
LGM Results for Farrow to Finish

Livestock risk protection lrp
Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

  • Based on the CME lean hog futures price, CME feeder cattle index, or 5-area slaughter cattle price.

  • 70% to 95% guarantees available.

  • Coverage is available for up to 26 weeks out for hogs and 52 for cattle.

Livestock risk protection
Livestock Risk Protection

  • Cattle price is adjusted for:

    • type: conventional, dairy, brahman

    • Sex: steers or heifers

    • projected selling weight (feeder cattle)

  • Quantity insured = no. of head x projected selling wt. x % ownership

Livestock risk protection1
Livestock Risk Protection

  • Guarantees available are posted at:

  • Posted after the CME closes each day until 9:00 am central time the next working day.

  • Assures that guarantees reflect the most recent market movements.

Lrp guarantee example
LRP Guarantee Example

  • State: IOWA

  • Commodity: SWINE

  • Expected date of sale 17 weeks out

  • Expected ending value: $76.80 per cwt

  • Coverage price: $69.88 per cwt

  • Coverage level: 91 %

  • Cost per cwt: $2.443

  • End date: 07/18/2005

Livestock risk protection2
Livestock Risk Protection

  • If average of cash index price on last 2 days of coverage is below the guarantee, indemnity is paid.

    Coverage price: $69.88

    Ending price: $65.00

    Payment: $4.88 x head x cwt.

Coverage limits for lrp
Coverage Limits for LRP

Per endorsementPer year

  • Swine: 10,000 hd. 32,000 hd.

  • Fdr cattle: 1,000 hd. 2,000 hd.

  • Fed cattle: 2,000 hd. 4,000 hd.

Some restrictions
Some Restrictions

  • Cannot have both LRP and LGM coverage on the same livestock.

  • Cannot have an offsetting position in the options market.

  • There is a maximum of total coverage allowed by FCIC.

Who can benefit from lgm lrp
Who can benefit from LGM/LRP?

  • Producers who depend on the daily cash market or a formula related to it.

  • Producers with low cash reserves.

  • Smaller producers who do not have the volume to use futures contracts or put options.

  • Producers who prefer insurance to the futures market. No margin account.

Role of futures prices
Role of Futures Prices

  • Determines guarantee levels that are available, and premiums

  • Futures markets already reflect price forecasts

  • Insurance protects against prices at sale time being lower than expected by some % (deductible)

Some risks remain
Some Risks Remain

  • LRP, LGM do not insure against production risks

  • Futures prices and cash index prices may differ from local cash prices

  • Selling numbers, weights and dates may differ from the guarantees

Educational efforts in iowa
Educational Efforts in Iowa

  • Extension Bulletin

  • Mass media

  • Producer meetings

    • Mostly in 2002-2003

    • Iowa Farm Bureau took leadership

  • Spreadsheet decision aid

For more information visit

For more information visit:

Decision file B1-50