differential diagnosis of shoulder instability n.
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Differential Diagnosis of Shoulder Instability

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Differential Diagnosis of Shoulder Instability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Differential Diagnosis of Shoulder Instability. Charlie Cotterill Junior Physiotherapist March 2006. Inappropriate activation of torque producing muscles Destabilising shear force across the joint. Differential Diagnosis?. Labrum tear; Bankart, Kim, SLAP lesion

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differential diagnosis of shoulder instability

Differential Diagnosis of Shoulder Instability

Charlie Cotterill

Junior Physiotherapist

March 2006

Charlie Cotterill

Inappropriate activation of torque producing muscles
  • Destabilising shear force across the joint.

Charlie Cotterill

differential diagnosis
Differential Diagnosis?

Labrum tear; Bankart, Kim, SLAP lesion

Avulsion of glenohumeral ligament (superior, middle, inferior), Posterior glenoid spur (a Bennett lesion), Cervical/Thoracic spine, # Glenohumeral arthritis, Long thoracic nerve injury, Tumor/Malignancy, Post CVA, Humeral subluxation/dislocation

Ganglion cyst, Suprascapular nerve entrapment, Quadrilateral space syndrome, Scapulothoracic dysfunction, Impingement of R/C, R/C tear, glenoid erosion, glenoid retroversion, humeral head defects, capsular insufficiency, voluntary instability, ?hypermobility

Charlie Cotterill

  • Education
  • Movement pattern correction
  • Kinetic chain
  • Proprioception/neuromuscular control
  • Scapula stability
  • Glenohumeral translatory control

Charlie Cotterill


“Through seeking we may learn and know things better. But as for certain truth, no man hath known it, for all is but a woven web of guesses.”

Xenophanes, 6th Century BC

Charlie Cotterill


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Charlie Cotterill


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Charlie Cotterill