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leading our professions n.
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Level 1: Foundational PowerPoint Presentation
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Level 1: Foundational

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Level 1: Foundational
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Level 1: Foundational

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  1. Leading Our Professions Level 1: Foundational

  2. Hello! We are: Jessica Galarneau, GBEA Alexandra Agar-Pratt, Region 7 ULE-Watertown Amanda Oudenhoven, GBEA

  3. Level 1: Foundational Advocates for professional learning, professional quality, and social diversity inside our professions promotes our union’s role in advancing education transformation, student learning, and equitable access to opportunities.

  4. Themes Leading Our Professions Competency

  5. Menti.com Go to this website. Share! Tell us about your PD experience. XX XX XX Enter this code.

  6. Research says...

  7. Time “Used wisely” “Just-in-time assistance” Follow-Up “Structured and sustained” “Time to implement and reflect” “Dedicated PLCs” Content “Content matters” “Practices to implement” “Active-learning experiences” Teacher-Led “We are our best resource” “Utilize diverse experience” “help teachers better understand both what they teach and how students acquire specific content knowledge and skill” Context “Context matters” “How does this apply to me?” “Opportunities to adapt” Outside Experts? “program authors or researchers presenting ideas directly to teachers” “helped facilitate implementation” “NOT train-the-trainer, peer coaching”

  8. The Union’s Role Who in your local is considered an expert at a PD topic (the “go-to” person)? What PD are educators (or students!) in your district needing or wanting? How can you conduct a needs assessment? Are you already offering PD opportunities for your members? How can you expand those opportunities district-wide? FOLLOW -UP EXPERTS? TEACHER-LED CONTENT CONTEXT TIME

  9. Professional Practice Continuum

  10. Continuum Discussion How could the union support you at this stage in your career? What stereotypes are there about supporting people at this stage in their career?

  11. ASK! The only way to DIFFERENTIATE to meet members’ needs is to ask them.


  13. What is an issue or obstacle that needs to be addressed? • Professional issue • Student learning issue

  14. Pause and Reflect. What is working well and in your favor? What are your obstacles and barriers? Do you know what your local, region, WEAC, and/or NEA already offers for professional development for members?


  16. This work is not new.