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Monthly Progress Reports & Processing Payments PowerPoint Presentation
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Monthly Progress Reports & Processing Payments

Monthly Progress Reports & Processing Payments

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Monthly Progress Reports & Processing Payments

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  1. Monthly Progress Reports & Processing Payments Show me the money!

  2. Contract Cycle • For your program, it all starts with the application. • Resolution • Work Plans • Budget • When TDOT gets all of this (and the budget is correct) then we prepare the contract.

  3. What three items do we need to prepare your contract? Resolution Work Plans Budget

  4. Contract Cycle • We need the signed contract back in July or the end of August at the latest • We route the contract for signatures • It’s sent to TDOT Finance for Purchase Orders to be established

  5. Contract Cycle • We get final signatures and approvals then setup Purchase Orders • July reports and invoices begin to arrive August 15th and we want to pay in 30 business days or less.

  6. Monthly Progress Reports • Due by the 15th of the following month • Example: July 2014 report and invoice is due by August 15, 2014 • Progress Reports are required for EVERY month. Even if no work is done (December) or all money spent (June 2015)

  7. 10 workers (1 guard & 9 prisoners) x 5 days (M-F) = 50 worker days (i.e., 50) If they work this schedule for the entire month then the total would be 50 worker days x 4 weeks = 200 worker days.

  8. This is number of miles of road that have been picked-up (not driven). This is not an exact match with mileage for fuel receipts. The units must be miles, not square-dumpster miles or kilometers. We need the list of roads, but it can be a separate attachment.

  9. The units must be in pounds, not tons. The pounds recycled cannot be more than the pounds collected on the road.

  10. This is all seems straightforward, but let me know if you have questions.

  11. This MUST match the Schedule 3 total and the invoice. Divide all education costs (including salary/benefits for education coordinator) among these categories.

  12. Please use the new invoice format that the auditors approved. Remittance address is where notice of payment will be sent. Must have address. This must match what you entered in Edison. Invoice number format must be 1415AndersonJuly then 1415AndersonAugust, etc. Contract number (Z number) and project number (11 digits) are required.

  13. Very Important Information! • Each invoice must have: • Correct remittance address (see Jan’s list) • Invoice number 1415ANDERSONJULY, etc. • Contract number Z15LIT001 • Project number 01-500-4015-04 • Timesheets or Receipts required for claims • TDOT Finance will NOT process the payment without this information.

  14. What 4 items have to be on every invoice? • Correct remittance address • Invoice number 1415ANDERSONJULY, etc. • Contract number Z15LIT001 • Project number 01-500-4015-04

  15. A responsible official must sign the invoice accuracy statement.

  16. These totals must match the signed time sheets. Time sheets should distinguish between hours worked on the litter grant and other hours. We only reimburse for hours worked on the litter grant. The pay rate for litter grant work should be the same as the normal pay rate.

  17. Each claim must be supported by a receipt. If receipts have a mixture of items, circle those claimed on Schedule 2. Write “Schedule 2” on the receipt and add any note necessary to explain the claim.

  18. Schedule 1, 2 and 3 should match the invoice totals. Schedule 3 should also match the Education Breakdown report. Your contract tells you how many categories you should cover with education spending (Student, Public, Government, Media, Business). If you spent money, but are not requesting reimbursement then make a note.

  19. You are not required to use our time sheet. But, our time sheet is designed to satisfy TDOT Finance Auditors. This makes life easier for you and us. Hours should not round. You may need to make the cell wider, if it is rounding. Show those hours worked for the Litter Grant Program; that is what we reimburse. The employee and the supervisor must sign the time sheet.

  20. If you send me an email, I can provide the budget tracking sheet that we use for your county.

  21. Reasons that the payment process may be delayed

  22. Process Problem (s) • Missing progress report and/or invoice for previous month. We must process in chronological order. • Progress report is incomplete (e.g., missing road list, pounds collected). • Education breakdown does not match Schedule 3 or invoice amount. • Invoice claim not supported by time sheet or receipts. • Numbers should not be exactly the same every month. • Signatures missing on invoice or time sheet. • Amounts listed do not add correctly. • Travel expenses do not meet state travel regulations.

  23. Questions Scarlett