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Academic Success Under Construction PowerPoint Presentation
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Academic Success Under Construction

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Academic Success Under Construction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Success Under Construction. “Building our Way to the Top” At Cochrane Collegiate Academy. Our Foundation. ***0.0 is one year of growth*** ***0.4 is nearly two years of growth***. How are our building supplies?. We don’t have a problem, we have a bad solution!.

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Academic Success Under Construction

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    1. Academic Success Under Construction “Building our Way to the Top” At Cochrane Collegiate Academy

    2. Our Foundation ***0.0 is one year of growth*** ***0.4 is nearly two years of growth***

    3. How are our building supplies?

    4. We don’t have a problem, we have a bad solution! • Given that the content we are going to teach this year is different, this is a perfect opportunity for a new solution. • Here is one example of a new solution What is our solution?

    5. “Building our Way to the Top” Through: • Quality Instruction • Differentiation • Data-driven decisions • Technology integration • Positive culture

    6. Our Toolbox for Success Includes the Following Tools Necessary for “Building our Way to the Top”:

    7. It’s Hammer Time! • A Hammer- necessary for delivering impact with our instruction.

    8. The Four C’s “Using the Four Cs’ to engage students is imperative. As educators prepare students for this new global society, teaching the core content subjects – math, social studies, the arts – must be enhanced by incorporating critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.” John Stocks – taken from Preparing 21st Century Students for a Global Society, NEA

    9. Critical Thinking • Our Report Card showed that we did not require students to critically think. • Tell me why?

    10. Communication • We are no longer an island unto ourselves. • Planning this year is setup based upon content. It is not an expectation that we plan together – it is a necessary! **Wednesday Data Planning will be held in Principal’s Conference Room** **Each PLC will be responsible to keep notes on attendance, dates and discussions**

    11. Collaboration Are we this? Or this? What can we do differently?

    12. Creativity We must Think Differently Here is what one school has done (Ghetto Film School) What have we done? One option

    13. Leveling the Playing Field! • A Level- necessary for leveling instruction to meet the needs of all students.

    14. Differentiation Yes we all say we do it but do we really? One example SHIFT!

    15. Measuring Up! • A Measuring Tape- necessary for measuring performance through data.

    16. Common Assessments • Several groups did a good job with Common Assessments last year.

    17. Sharpening Up! • A Saw- necessary for staying on the cutting edge of technology. Click Me

    18. Pulling Out All The Stops! • Pliers- necessary for pulling out the best for our students and the culture of Cochrane.

    19. It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS! Qualities of your worst teacher Qualities of your best teacher Qualities of you

    20. The Cochrane Culture Teacher Expectations Parent Expectations Student Expectations

    21. A look into the future

    22. A look into the future

    23. Bottom line • We move to a new type of accountability this year. There will be middle grades math, language arts, and science but the exams will be different. High School will test English 2, Algebra I, and biology. • Our school will be graded on a A, B, C, D and F (below 60% proficient will be an F • Teachers will be evaluated on “effectiveness”. Tested subjects will be 75% their scores and 25% school. Non-tested subjects will be 100% school score.

    24. Let’s “Build our Way to the Top” Together this Year at Cochrane Collegiate Academy! Don’t forget your Toolbox!!

    25. Scavenger Hunt • Groups of 4 • 45 minutes • Remember what we discussed this morning

    26. Cochrane Collegiate Academy Goals • Growth • Raising the level of rigor

    27. Teacher Expectations • Everyone will have an up to date website • One day a week teachers should stay after school for tutoring or to sponsor a club. • Teacher attendance