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Time Banking

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Time Banking
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Time Banking

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  1. Time Banking Rebuilding Community One Hour at a Time www.timetradersnorth.org This project was partly funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Medicaid Infrastructure Grant, CFDA #93.768, Wisconsin Department of Health Services/Pathways to Independence.

  2. Introductions • Agenda for Gathering • Power Point Presentation and Stories—30 min • Timebanking Video—8 min • Activity I.—20 min • Give and Receive Checklist—15 min • Member Application—15 min • Playing with Community Weaver Software—15 • Wrap-Up and Next Steps—15 min Who are we?

  3. What is timebanking? • Members exchange services within the network. • You give an hour of help and EARN one time credit. • The person receiving your help OWES one time credit. • They pay back by helping you or someone else. 5 Core Values

  4. Why do it? • It’s time to give and receive. • Everyone can contribute. • Each one of us has a skill, talent, gift, ability, • And ENERGY that comes out when we are doing something we CAN do or LOVE to do. 1. Assets

  5. There are 2 economies • The Market Economy • If something is more plentiful, it will cost less. If something is scarce, it will cost more. Price defines value. • The CORE economy • Family, neighborhood, community, civil society, mothers, fathers, grandparents, moral institutions. Love, caring, hope, social justice. This is the CORE economy. It is abundant, valuable and supplies the basic ecosystem for our species. Without it nothing could develop or thrive. 2. Redefining Work

  6. There are parts of our life beyond price. • Some things are priceless. • It is time to turn to each other—to give, and to receive. Without both giving and receiving we can not exchange or trade. 3. Reciprocity

  7. It takes a village to raise a child, but what does it take to raise a village?* • In Timebanking, what may begin as an isolated exchange becomes a relationship. Someone new has come into your life and that person is no longer a stranger. • In Timebanking your family is extended, greatly. *Woodstock Timebank, New York 4. Community

  8. Those who “talk” equality, walk the talk when they become members of a timebank. • Each hour is as valuable as another’s hour. • In timebanking we use what we have, what we can do, to help others. And, we by trading time, we are acknowledging the gifts, talents and time of others. 5. Respect

  9. Social Justice • Principle 1—The Asset Principle • Principle 2—Redefining Work • Principle 3—Reciprocity • Principle 4—Community • Principle 5—Respect • Do we have the courage to change the things we can…now? No more throw away people.

  10. TimeTraders North • Members live in Ashland, Bayfield, Iron, Price & Sawyer Counites. • Anyone of any age. Minors are represented by a parent or legal guardian. • Our Timebank is part of our Self-Propelled Project. • One of our goals is to connect people with disabilities to other people, volunteer work and to those who may pay them for work. Connecting People with People

  11. Members are the energy, the core, the drivers of Timebanking. • Ambassadors are members who will recruit and help new members. Linda Jorgenson—Washburn/Ashland area Michele Ochsner—Washburn area Martha Oie--General area Katherine Martin—Marengo area/rural Bayfield County Linda Pepping—Iron River area Pam Snyder—Price and Iron Counties Mary Sobczak—Iron County Deanna Yost—General Anyone, any age, any time.

  12. Activities • Video or weblink • Imaginary Circle of Giving and Receiving • Give and Receive Checklist • Member Application • Playing with Community Weaver Priceless money!

  13. Wrap Up and Next Steps • Q & A • Round Robin summarizing • Next meeting date www.timetradersnorth.org