swinog 3 experience with cable technology
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SwiNOG-3 Experience with cable technology

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SwiNOG-3 Experience with cable technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SwiNOG-3 Experience with cable technology. Michel Renfer, CCNA Network Systems Engineer. [email protected] 19. Sept. 2001. LAN Services AG. LAN Services is a regional carrier who operates in the region between Biel, Berne and Olten.

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swinog 3 experience with cable technology

SwiNOG-3Experience with cable technology

Michel Renfer, CCNA

Network Systems Engineer

[email protected]

19. Sept. 2001

lan services ag
LAN Services AG...
  • LAN Services is a regional carrier who operates in the region between Biel, Berne and Olten.
  • Upstream connectivity is currently provided by Cable&Wireless (AS1273), Sunrise (AS6730) and IP-Plus (AS3303) with a cumulative bandwidth of 24 Mbit/s.
  • Connections between our nodes are mostly built on Besonet ATM backbone. (Bern Solothurn Netz AG). Most Besonet shareholders are also QuickLine partners.
  • Besonet has built a dark fibre network in their coverage area.
  • Transport network for tv/radio signals, video, voice and data.
  • QuickLine is a partnership model from LAN Services in cooperation with several cable operators to provide internet access over cable.

Provisioning / Billing / Implementation

LAN Services AG

Operation of the IP network

LAN Services AG

CMTS operating

LAN Services AG

Cable plant operating

Cable operator (QuickLine partner)

quickline partner
QuickLine partner...

GGS (Oensingen)

GA Region Grenchen

Industrielle Betriebe Langenthal

EWK Herzogenbuchsee

Energie Seeland AG (Lyss)

EW Aarberg

Localnet AG (Burgdorf)

Gem. Münchenbuchsee

Gem. Belp

cmts in use
CMTS in use
  • Terayon CMTS with S-CDMA (7 systems)

Teralink Controller

Teralink Gateway

  • Cisco uBR CMTS with DOCSIS 1.0+ (2 systems)

Cisco uBR 7223

Cisco uBR 7114

major layer 1 2 issues
Major layer 1 / 2 issues
  • Not all cable plants are already upgraded to support 2-way communications.
  • Inhouse installations are often in a catastrophic state.
  • Customers who are making their own HF installations.
  • Grounding problems
  • S-CDMA and DOCSIS are not compatible(Note: The DOCSIS 2.0 standard will take parts of both protocols and provide backward compatibility)
and what we our partners do
... and what we/our partners do!
  • Fast 2-way upgrade of all remaining 1-way cable plants
  • Improving the stability of the cable plants
  • Adding filters for „bad“ homes
  • Adding filters to avoid grounding problems
  • Moving the upstream channels over 30 MHz so most of the ingress issues will go away.
  • Adding (strong!?) regulations which homes can and which cannot connected without modifications to the 2-way cable plant.
major layer 3 issues
Major layer 3 issues...
  • Bandwidth usage!!!!
  • Wrong configuration of customer end devices (most customers dosen‘t have any know-how about networking).
  • Security („Script kiddies“ playing with tools like back orifice, ...)
  • Delay sensitive traffic like online gaming
and what we do
... and what we do!
  • Adding more upstream bandwidth
  • Finding the best way to secure... a.) our customersb.) our network and equipementc.) the outside world
  • Strict handling of our AUP when issues with our customers occurs.
  • QoS enhancements to avoid problems with delay sensitive traffic
further developement
Further developement
  • Connecting new QuickLine partners to our network.
  • Few partners needed a second CMTS which will deployed on top of the Cisco uBR plattform.
  • Replacing remaining leased lines with dark fibre connections provided trough our cable partners.
  • Connecting AS-LAN to TIX
  • Improving connectivity to other cable internet providers trough direct peerings.
  • MPLS
  • Trials of new services like video on demand, ...
appendix a
Appendix A
  • LAN Services AG http://www.lan.ch
  • QuickLine http://www.quick-line.ch
  • Besonet http://www.besonet.ch
  • Cisco uBR http://www.cisco.com/go/cable
  • Terayon http://www.terayon.com
  • Cablelabs http://www.cablelabs.com