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NAWCA. North American Wetlands Conservation Act. North American Waterfowl Management Plan . Found a need for funding to protect and restore wetlands Envisioned a federal funding program Developed a system to bring partners together to access these funds (Joint Ventures).

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North American Wetlands Conservation Act


North American Waterfowl Management Plan

Found a need for funding to protect and restore wetlands

Envisioned a federal funding program

Developed a system to bring partners together to access

these funds (Joint Ventures)

NAWCA – North American

Wetland Conservation Act

  • Act passed in 1989
  • Currently authorized up to $75 Million
  • In addition to appropriations, program funding comes sources such as fines, Federal fuel excise taxes (for coastal ecosystem projects) and interest.
  • FY 2008 total funding = $84.4 Million
  • Funds projects in CN, MX and the US
act implementation
Act Implementation

Joint Ventures are the venue through which NAWCA grants are run.

NAWCA proposals should be submitted with know-ledge of the JV “responsible” for the project area.

JV’s rank multiple projects within same funding cycle. Ranks contribute to funding decisions.

types of grants
Two types available:

Standard – $75,001 to $1 Million funding

(3 grants funded in NM)

Small – up to $75,000 funding

(0 grants funded in NM)

Types of Grants
standard grant requirements
Standard Grant Requirements
  • 1:1 match required. But best to propose at least a 2 non-federal: 1 federal dollar match.
  • High documented waterfowl use or the ability to show that “they will come”
  • Partners are everything – you’ll need many with several giving 10% of the request in match
  • Location, location, location
  • Putting land under perpetual easement or outright purchase is highly valued by the grantor as are
  • Declining wetland types
  • Documented benefit to other wetland-dependent birds and T&E species

Small NAWCAs are often better for areas with isolated, small

or linear wetlands

$2.5 Million in FY 2008 for

Small Grants Program

= 33+ grants


Fewer requirements:

Much less writing; 5 pages maximum

Fewer overall match dollars needed

More emphasis on habitat than waterfowl

Smaller landscapes

Fewer partners

Works well with

riparian areas

before you begin

PotentialRegulatory requirements after grant receipt:

Acquisition support letter

Historic Preservation Survey

Contaminants Survey


U.S. Federal restrictions on purchases

Before you begin….
jv administrative boundaries
JV administrative boundaries

Intermountain West

Playa Lakes

how grant funds may be spent
How grant funds may be spent
  • equipment expenses that are prorated;
  • material and supply costs;
  • annual payments for conservation agreements of at least 15 years or for the maximum duration allowed by State law;
  • restoration or protection costs; and
  • initial management costs.
match requirements
Match Requirements
  • Must be at least 1:1 match. More non-federal to federal is better
  • May use non-federal funds or in-kind contributed no earlier than 2 years prior to the date the proposal is submitted or during the 2-year grant agreement period
  • Funds cannot have been used to match any other federal funds
  • Must send letters from all contributors, noting value of contribution, with the application

Potential Sources for matching funds

Bird habitat groups – DU, NWTF, PF, QU, etc.

City and County funds

Civic or community groups

NMDGF other state resource agencies (Forestry, State Parks)

Private landowners

RC & D’s

Soil and Water conservation districts

Sportsman’s clubs

Tourism groups or boosters

TNC, TPL and land trusts– acquisitions or easements

Tribal dollars

Universities and colleges

Volunteer efforts


Small NAWCA proposals make sense for our area:

1) relatively sparse populations; few corporations

2) few “easy” non-federal dollars

3) many private landowners

4) scattered or linear wetlands

5) few large concentrations of waterfowl

talk to jv staff playa lakes www pljv org intermountain west www iwjv org
Talk to JV staff. Playa Lakes Intermountain West

Deadline for small grants will be November 28

For further information check out: