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Results Services

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Results Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Results Services. Richard Anderson Operations Manager. 2013 Current Services: Absentee Consideration Appeals. 2014 New Service:. Results Services. Exceptional Circumstances Post Results Services. Benefits of Results Services. Key Dates.

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Results Services

Richard AndersonOperations Manager



Current Services:

Absentee Consideration




New Service:

Results Services

  • Exceptional Circumstances
  • Post Results Services

Key Dates

Dates for both services are provisional and will be confirmed in early 2014


1.2 Create and Submit Requests - Centres

Results > Candidate Request

Candidate Result Request

Explanatory Text from WCM

Select the Request Type, can only click the buttons below if Selections are made.

Search Candidate

Search Qualification

Search Candidate navigates to Candidate search screen (single candidate).

Search Qualification navigates to Course Selection screen (multiple candidates).


1.2 Create and Submit Requests – Single Candidate

Results > Candidate Request

List of candidates from search, select one to navigate to the list of Applicable Qualifications (Slide 8).


1.2 Create and Submit Requests

Results > Group Request

Candidate Result Requests

Explanatory Text from WCM

Only allow “Create Request” when a request doesn’t already exist for the request type subject and level. Multiple requests allowed per scn/subject/level?

Request Type: Exceptional Circumstances

Outline Reason:

Detailed Reason:

List of selections dependant on Request Type selected. Only display if selections available.

List of valid open entries based on Closing Date calculated from Request Type days

Create Request



1.2 Create and Submit Requests - Approval

Tab only visible to Centre Administrator.

Approve Requests

Result Requests Approval

Explanatory Text from WCM

List of requests at status “Awaiting Approval” for the Centre.

Opens window requesting acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Add Request Navigates to the Create Request Tab

Approve Request

Cancel Request


Add Request


1.4 Search Requests – Centres

Search Requests

Candidate Requests Summary

Explanatory Text from WCM

Centre selection only available to Internal SQA Users.

Centre users can only see their Centre Requests.

Request Type:

Drill through on number displays the request details for Status.