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Nicos Sifakis Hellenic Open University

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Nicos Sifakis Hellenic Open University. ELF can help us raise interesting questions. .

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nicos sifakis hellenic open university
Nicos SifakisHellenic Open University

ELF can help us raise interesting questions...


“Without US leadership, it would have been difficult or impossible for other nations to slash their barriers and open their markets. Such widespread opening has contributed to the best half-century of world economic growth at least since the time of Christ, and probably ever.”

(Bradford et al., 2006: 893)

“So just as ‘the business of America is business’, manifestly English for business is business for English.”

(Phillipson, 2001: 190-1)


World English

World Englishes

Global English

English as an International Language

English as an Intercultural Language

English as a Lingua Franca

Lingua franca: “languages usually used by people whose mother tongues are different with a purpose of simplifying communication between them” (UNESCO, 1953)


WHOSEEnglish we teach


WHATEnglish we teach

  • Native Speaker Standard English


  • Non-Native Speaker English as Lingua Franca


Combinations of the above?

how do we feel about english
How do we “feel” about English?
  • 91%: E. the most useful language after MT (Eurobarometer 2001)
  • 42%: self-acknowledged sufficient knowledge of E.
  • Cambridge ESOL Exams (2006):
    • FCE: Greece 50th (out of 67 countries), 57% success rate
    • CPE: 31st (out of 31 countries), 46% success rate
how do we feel about english1
How do we “feel” about English?
  • How well do we believe we know E? 24% “very well” (Eurobarometer, 2001)

Confidence vs. Competence:


Question:Which of the following descriptions best suits your current (or most recent) teaching situation?




(4) MULTICULTURAL (MATE) orientation: Multicultural awareness through English

what english do we learn
What English do we learn?
  • In the FL classroom
    • Curriculum
    • Coursebook
    • Additional material
    • Computer lab
  • Outside the FL classroom
    • Social media (e.g., Facebook)
    • Gaming (online, offline)
    • Mobile technology (e.g., iPhone, iPod, PSP, etc)
a two tiered proposal
A two-tiered proposal
  • E. as subject-matter:
    • School literacy
    • “Standard English”
  • E. as communication skills:
    • Successful usage in diverse communicative domains (written, spoken)
    • Competent, autonomous intercultural “non-native” user “owning” the FL

Teacher preparation

Teacher autonomy

Teacher empowerment

Going beyond the coursebook

http www scoop it t english as an international lingua franca in education