W e l c o m e t o s o u t h p i t t s b u r g h i g h s c h o o l
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W e l c o m e t o S o u t h P i t t s b u r g H i g h S c h o o l. Preparing for High School and Beyond. Lynn Hale, M.Ed. School Counselor/ Graduation Interventionis t. Agenda. Introductions Brief overview of Explore results

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W e l c o m e t o s o u t h p i t t s b u r g h i g h s c h o o l



Preparing for high school and beyond

Preparing for High School and Beyond

Lynn Hale, M.Ed.

School Counselor/ Graduation Interventionist


  • Introductions

  • Brief overview of Explore results

    • Including Career Assessment results and Learning Styles Inventories

  • Review of high school requirements

  • Lottery Scholarship/Financial Aid

  • CTE presentations

  • Question and Answer session

Trimester vs traditional schedules
Trimester vs. Traditional Schedules

  • Traditional Schedule (Middle School)

    • 6, 7, or 8 periods per day

    • Take classes all year long

  • Trimester Schedule (High School)

    • 5 periods per day

    • Take classes for one trimester (12 weeks) and then switch classes

    • Can earn 30-38 total credits

Benefits of trimester schedule
Benefits of Trimester Schedule

  • More flexibility in student schedules

  • Able to identify struggling students sooner

  • More built in time for remediation

  • Progress reports every 3 weeks

  • Report cards every 6 weeks

Flex lunch
Flex Lunch


  • 50 minute lunch period for grades 9-12

  • Freshmen will have a Freshman Mentor Program and Study Hall during this time

Flex lunch1
Flex Lunch

  • Students may use the time to study, catch up on missing work, get remediation, play intramurals if all work is current or just hang out with friends

  • May eat in the gym, classrooms with teachers or in the cafeteria

  • Will be assigned to the “table of compassion” if any zeroes in classes or have detention

Graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

  • 1 path

    • Students entering the world of work or college require the same educational background

    • Creation of new senior level math courses

    • Addition of a Personal Finance class

    • Added a state honors diploma

      26 credits required for graduation

      New End-of-Course exams are in place

Graduation requirements1
Graduation Requirements

  • English – 4 units

  • Math– 4 units (must include Algebra I, Geometry/Technical Geometry, Algebra II and one upper level math )

  • Science – 3 units (Physical World Concepts, Biology and Chemistry or Physics)

  • Social Studies– 3 ½ units (World History or World Geography, U.S. History & Economics/Government & ½ credit of Personal Finance)

  • Wellness– 1 unit

  • P.E. – ½ credit

  • Computer Applications(or some equivalent) – 1 unit

  • Foreign Language– 2 units

  • Fine Arts– 1 unit

  • Focused Program of Study– 3 units in a related field

Programs of study
Programs of Study

  • Business Technology

  • Carpentry

  • Welding

  • Project Lead the Way

  • Health Science Education

    • Focus on Nursing Education

  • Family and Consumer Sciences

    • Focus on Teacher Preparation and Social Services

Programs of study1
Programs of Study

  • Collision Repair

    • Offered at MCHS

  • Manufacturing and Machining

    • Offered at MCHS

  • Academic Program of Study

    • Must include 3 courses beyond what is required for graduation

      • Fine Arts

      • Humanities

      • Math/Science

Programs of study2
Programs of Study

  • Example of Program of Study and website

    • http://pathways.tbr.edu/

Honors diploma requirements
Honors Diploma Requirements

  • Students must score at or above each of the subject area readiness benchmarks on the ACT or equivalent score on the SAT. The readiness benchmark scores for the ACT are: English 18

    Mathematics 22

    Reading 21

    Science 24

Tn scholars
TN Scholars

  • English – 4 units

  • Math – 4 units (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and 1 upper level math – Bridge math does not count)

  • Science – 3 units (Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Biology II or Chemistry II)

  • Social Studies – 3 ½ units

  • Wellness and P.E. – 1 ½ units

  • Fine Arts – 1 unit

  • Foreign Language – 2 units

  • Program of Study – 3 units

    • 80 hours of community service

    • Overall “C” average

    • 95% attendance throughout high school

    • No out-of-school suspensions

      **Application must be on file in Counseling Office prior to graduation**

Community service
Community Service

  • Required for TN Scholars

  • College scholarships available based on number of hours of community service

  • Looks good on college applications and resume`s

    • Colleges and scholarship committees look for a well-rounded student

Testing requirements
Testing Requirements

  • End-of-Course tests in English I, English II, English III, Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology I and U.S. History

    • Test grade counts 25% of final grade in class

  • ACT Plan test in 10th grade

  • ACT test in 11th grade

    • Math subscore determines math placement in senior year

Classroom tips
Classroom tips

  • Engrade

    • http://www.engrade.com/

  • Edmodo

    • http://www.edmodo.com/

  • Evernote

    • http://evernote.com/


  • Start one now!!!

  • Include:

    • Community service

    • Awards/honors – both academic and athletics

    • Clubs/organizations – along with any positions held

    • Athletics

    • Work experience – both paid and unpaid

Hope lottery financial aid
Hope Lottery/Financial Aid

  • Hope Lottery

    • 3.0 GPA or a 21 ACT

    • $2000 per semester at a 4-year school or $1000 per semester at a 2-year school

    • Can now be used in summer sessions

  • General Assembly Merit Scholarship

    • 3.75 GPA and a 29 ACT

    • $1000 per year extra

  • Aspire Award

    • Must meet Hope Lottery criteria and have financial need

    • $1500 per year extra

Hope lottery financial aid1
Hope Lottery/Financial Aid

  • Hope Access Grant

    • 2.75 -2.99 GPA and 18, 19, 20 ACT

    • Must have adjusted gross income of $36,000

    • Award amount of $2750 for one year only

  • Wilder Naifeh Technical Skills Grant

    • Must be attending a TN Technology Center

    • $2000 per year

      Other financial aid is either based on academics, community service or financial need.

      Please follow us on Facebook and our website for more scholarship information.

      FAFSA is completed in January of the senior year.

Your future
Your Future

We can do nothing to change the past, but we have enormous power to shape the future.

W e l c o m e t o s o u t h p i t t s b u r g h i g h s c h o o l


Contact information
Contact Information

Lynn Hale, M.Ed.

School Counselor

Graduation Interventionist