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OCI SEMINAR DAY 2010 " Today's Overview: Tomorrow's Direction " Dietmar Reiner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCI SEMINAR DAY 2010 " Today's Overview: Tomorrow's Direction " Dietmar Reiner Senior Vice President Darlington Refurbishment. OPG Profile. Owned by the Province of Ontario Produces about 70% of the electricity consumed in Ontario. In-service capacity: 22,147MW

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"Today's Overview: Tomorrow's Direction"

Dietmar Reiner

Senior Vice President

Darlington Refurbishment

Opg profile
OPG Profile

  • Owned by the Province of Ontario

  • Produces about 70% of the electricity consumed in Ontario.

  • In-service capacity: 22,147MW

  • Approximately 11,500 employees

  • 65 Hydroelectric stations

  • Five thermal stations

  • Three Nuclear stations

Pickering nuclear continued operation
Pickering Nuclear – Continued Operation

  • Continued operations for approximately a decade.

  • Develop a path forward on safe storage and decommissioning.

  • OPG is committed to the host community. We will consult with community stakeholders on all issues of public interest related to our facilities.

Darlington nuclear
Darlington Nuclear

  • Darlington Units (1-4) came on line in the early 90s

  • Due for a mid-life refurbishment (characteristic of CANDU design) approximately 2019 – 2020

  • Larger units

  • Darlington is a leading CANDU operating station worldwide; strong reliability and performance

  • Darlington station condition is very good; and

  • Later generation design incorporates lessons learned from earlier CANDU installations worldwide including Pickering and the Bruce.

Darlington achievements
Darlington Achievements

  • First nuclear plant in Canada to receive five-year operating licence from the regulator.

  • First OPG station to be certified to ISO 14001 standard.

  • First nuclear plant in north America to be certified by the Wildlife Habitat council.

  • 2005 and 2006 Clarington Board of Trade Business Partner of the Year.

  • 2007 Performance Award from the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.

  • 2008 Darlington units were the top three CANDU reactors in the world.

  • 2009 Wildlife Habitat Council’s CEO’s Award to OPG.

  • 2009 Vacuum Building Outage – safe and timely completion.

Darlington refurbishment
Darlington Refurbishment

This project will be the largest engineering and construction project undertaken in the Canadian nuclear industry and in the region, province and throughout the country.

First time four CANDU reactors will be refurbished.

Estimated cost: final costs to be determined once regulatory and technical scope is determined, construction contracts are signed, and release quality cost and schedule is developed – likely 2015.

Potential jobs: Expect to create over 20,000 person years of direct employment.

Economic Impact: direct employment, spending associated with the project and operating the station for an additional 30 years.


Project Success is all about the Planning!

Economic benefits
Economic Benefits

  • OPGN annual spend to support ten operating units is roughly $883 million.

  • Refurbishment – thousands of new jobs during the planning and construction phase.

  • 15-year project, drawing on local services and sparking spinoff activity.

  • Secondary impacts – employment and spending (3,000 jobs). Impact of personal expenditures by people who have been paid wages and salaries because of their employment in the refurbishment program.

  • Operating the station for another 30 years.

Opg s strong project management
OPG’s Strong Project Management

Pickering A, Unit 1 Return to Service

  • Over 24,000 tasks completed

  • 2.9 million parts installed

  • On-time and on budget

    Safe Storage of Pickering Units 2 & 3

  • In final stages of the $360-million project

  • On time and on budget

  • An industry first – multi-CANDU reactors shut down within an operating station

    Darlington Vacuum Building Outage(VBO)

  • Over two years of planning

  • Four reactors shut down and restarted

  • 25,000 tasks completed

    Pickering VBO

  • Over two years in planning

  • Over 30,000 tasks

    - 6,000 OPG staff and contractors

Project success is about the people
Project success is about the people

3,000 new jobs will be created during the planning and construction phase


  • Building trades

  • Project Management Professionals

  • Engineers

  • Clerical

  • Other direct and associated jobs

    Additionally there will be added jobs resulting from the additional 30 years of operation of the station.

Darlington refurbishment workers
Darlington Refurbishment – Workers

  • Carpenters

  • Iron workers (welders)

  • Mechanical maintainers

  • Lathe workers (tool & die)

  • Pipe fitters

  • Boiler makers

  • Electricians

  • Civil Maintainers

  • Project/Construction management certification


  • Darlington Refurbishment and Pickering’s continued operation and potentially new build are exciting investments for OPG, Ontario and Canada’s nuclear industry.

  • OPG looks forward to working with the industry to make these projects a success.