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GBA 573 Final Project

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GBA 573 Final Project. Prepared by Ross Niswanger. Transfer of Student Records to OPMIS. Problem Statement. Current database record keeping is a dual-entry process. With the advent of a Windows-Based OPMIS program (STUDENT), redundant data information can be eliminated

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gba 573 final project

GBA 573 Final Project

Prepared by

Ross Niswanger

problem statement
Problem Statement
  • Current database record keeping is a dual-entry process.
  • With the advent of a Windows-Based OPMIS program (STUDENT), redundant data information can be eliminated
  • Goal is to incorporate STUDENT electronic data with paper files and eliminate as much of the paper-trail as possible.
current situation
Current Situation
  • Currently use Binnacle to track Midshipmen information electronically, for use by the staff.
  • Binnacle information is a repeat of information require by CNET that is held within OPMIS.
  • System was developed because of old OPMIS being a single-user system with no ability for network usage.
  • System was designed in house to run on Windows. (Microsoft Access)
along comes student
Along Comes STUDENT
  • New OPMIS program instituted this summer.
  • LAN-enabled Windows program. (10 users)
  • User-Friendly in many aspects
  • Duplicates many of the functions of Binnacle
current issues
Current Issues
  • 191 Data Fields in Binnacle that are also kept in OPMIS
  • 6 or 7 Fields in Binnacle not utilized in OPMIS (but used by Unit or Battalion Staff)
  • Many errors through lack of communication between the two databases
  • Would like to reduce amount of paperwork kept within Student Files
  • Certain Reports generated by Binnacle (Duplication possible with STUDENT?)
  • Currently use Binnacle as database for Unit use.
  • All data required by CNET within STUDENT.
  • Data not required by CNET to be transported to another (smaller) database, or not used anymore.
  • Reports can be generated by using SQL, and can get to all data kept by STUDENT.
  • Bottom Line : Feasible to implement STUDENT as main database for UNIT use.
  • Installation of Software on all staff machines
  • Training staff on how to use software
  • Training staff on how to use software to get the information required (reports) (paradigm shift)
  • Creation of shared drive for keeping electronic documents generated by/for students
  • Hard copies of required signed documents
design development
  • STUDENT already designed
  • Functions within Binnacle not handled by STUDENT to be offloaded and issue pressed with CNET to allow user fields to be added to STUDENT
  • Paradigm Shift!
  • Sudden Change
  • Want to eliminate Binnacle in one fell swoop and force use of STUDENT
  • Help to ensure Paradigm Shift