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ERNACT IMC meeting

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ERNACT IMC meeting. Digital Hub Dublin 8th April 2008. Recently submitted projects. PIKE CMC@NP. Projects under development. ELLIS eGovernment multichannel CMC@NWE. Promoting Innovation and the Knowledge Economy. PIKE. Aim To improve Innovation & Knowledge Economy

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ERNACT IMC meeting

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ernact imc meeting

ERNACT IMC meeting

Digital Hub


8th April 2008

projects under development
Projects under development
  • eGovernment multichannel

Promoting Innovation and the Knowledge Economy



To improve Innovation & Knowledge Economy

Policies through the exchange, sharing and

transfer of good practices and through the

integration of these good practices into the

mainstream SF programmes

  • Objectives
  • To exchange experience and to transfer eGov and
  • Wireless Broadband good practice pilots and tools
  • To share the identified good practices and to
  • develop an Action Plan to transfer them into the
  • Mainstream SF programmes
  • To disseminate information about the project to a
  • Large audience
  • Budget
  • €1,665,523
  • 75% funding rate
  • Status
  • Submitted to INTERREGIVC on Jan 15th
  • 500 applications
  • Decisions on project approval on Sep’08

Connected Mobile Communities in the Northern Periphery



To use broadband mobile communication

services to promote the competitiveness

of rural communities in the NPP area


- Develop the capability of rural communities

to incorporate emerging broadband mobile


- To develop a number of broadband mobile


- Utilise the services to (1) improve the inherent

sustainability of communities and to

(2) provide economic connections to more

central areas

  • Budget
  • €1,165,781.01
  • 60% funding rate (50% for non NP partners)
  • Status
  • Submitted to INTERREGIVB on Mar 6th
  • 14 applications
  • Decisions on project approval on May’08
coming calls projects under development
    • INTERREG IVB – North West Europe
      • 2nd Call opens 7 April & closes 9 May
    • INTERREG IVB – Atlantic Area
      • 1st call opens 17 March & closes 12 May
    • ELLIS
    • eGovernment multichannel
    • CMC@NWE
nwe aa side by side
North West Europe

50% funding rate

Programme priorities

P1: Capitalizing on innovation

P3: Improving connectivity

P4: Strengthening communities

Average project

9 partners (min 2 partners from 2 countries)

3/4 years

€6M budget (€3M ERDF)

2nd call budget

Atlantic Area

65% Funding rate

Programme priorities

P4 : Promote transnational synergies in sustainable urban and regional development

Average project

At least 2 countries (desirable as many AA MS as possible)

2 years

€2M budget (€1.3M ERDF)

2nd call budget

€ 26,446,214 ERDF

€ 3,871,335 ERDF for P4

NWE & AA side by side

Émigrés Linking Locally through Investment and Skills transfer



To reduce the impact of demographic migration

in NWE through a transnational programme

that promotes both the physical relocation and

networking of its émigrés, coupled with

skills transfer, commercial relationships

and investment.

  • Objectives
    • To establish a skilled émigrés network
    • To use the latest Internet & CRM to link
    • expats to specific areas of business interest,
    • to network and delivering a range of
    • information services
    • To foster and broker a series of foreign direct
    • investment, partnerships and/or out sourcing
    • contracts
    • WP1 – Management and coordination
    • WP2 – Expatriate network
    • WP3 – Web based networking
    • WP4 - FDI, outsourcing and partnerships promotion
    • WP5 - Dissemination
general considerations
General considerations
  • Only 1 month to deadline: even ONLY 2 project proposals is ambitious
  • Very difficult to get more than 1 project funded out of the same call→1 project to AA and another to NWE
  • Proposal:
    • ELLIS to NWE
    • eGovernment multichannel to AA


(Digital Age in Remote and Rural Areas)

Programme: Northern Periphery

Total Budget: €1,423,789

Duration: 3 years


Eliminate the digital divide between rural and

urban areas in the Northern Periphery by

boosting the usage of more advances ICT

services. Rural areas will benefit form more competitive

business and full development of ICT for regional


  • Create a vision on attractive rural lifestyle with ICT in 2013 to guide the ICT strategy development in rural areas in the future.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of advanced ICT services. The target groups will be for example tourism sector, local authorities and municipalities
  • Implement the more advanced eServices in the project regions.
  • Kemi-Tornion University of Applied Sciences (Lapland, Finland)
  • Joint authority of Kainuu region (Kainuu, Finland)
  • Kainuun Etu Oy (Kainuu, Finland)
  • The Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (Västernorrland, Sweden)
  • Mid Sweden University (Västernorrland, Sweden)
  • Företagarna Västernorrland (Sundsvall, Sweden)
  • ERNACT (Ireland/Northern Ireland)
  • Shannon Development (Shannon, Ireland)
  • Sogn og Fjordane County Governor (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
  • Western Norway Research Institute (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)
  • Rovaniemi regional development agency (Rovaniemi, Finland)
  • University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland)
associated partners
Associated Partners
  • IT-forum Sogn og Fjordane via WNRI (Sogndal , Norway)
  • Derry City Council (Northern Ireland)
  • Donegal County Council (BMW Region, Ireland)
  • Galway County Council (BMW Region, Ireland)
  • Municipalities of Örnsköldsvik, Sollefteå, Kramfors, Härnösand, Timrå, Sundsvall and Ånge (Västernorrland, Sweden)
  • The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Entrepreneurs in West Bothnia (Kemi, Finland)
  • It-Polis in Kainuu (Kajaani, Finland)
wp1 project management evaluation communication
WP1: Project management, evaluation & communication

Strategic Focus:

Project management, coordination and communication to secure

effective communication and dissemination of project results.

Responsible Partner:

Kemi-Tornion University of Applied Sciences

wp2 ict vision for remote and sparsely populated areas
WP2: ICT vision for remote and sparsely populated areas

Strategic Focus:

Understanding 2013 life styles in peripheral regions and

systematically linking this knowledge necessary competences,

policy & decision making.

Responsible Partner:

Kommunförbundet Västernorrland

wp3 developing ict maturity of smes in sparsely populated and rural areas
WP3: Developing ICT maturity of SMEs in sparsely populated and rural areas

Strategic Focus:

Effectively address obstacles hindering ICT uptake & maturity of

SME’s in peripheral regions and increase in a measurable way ICT

uptake and e-Commerce performance of 20 SME’s in the partner


Responsible Partner:

Kainuun Etu Oy

wp4 egovernment solutions supporting e business
WP4: eGovernment solutions supporting e-business

Strategic Focus:

Make significant contribution to the uptake of e-business processes

by SMEs and microbusinesses, and the stimulation of regional “e-

services” markets, through strategic selection and implementation of

a number of public or government “e-services”. It achieves this by

using its dominant position for the supply of certain services to

strongly encourage SMEs to utilise these services in their “e-form”.

This includes local development groups working in public interest.

Responsible Partner:


main outputs
Main Outputs
  • An understandable and easily communicated ICT-vision for rural areas where each region can find support for new initiatives and activities.
  • A new awareness of ICTs roll for regional growth in rural areas. Visions and scenarios should help policymakers take multiple futures into account and take actions to move toward desired futures.
  • Processing of some 120 – 150 SMEs in all 4 partner regions
  • 1 Handbook formulating a good practice model for ICT uptake in remote and peripheral areas, relying on the 2013 vision, the regulatory drivers,  the service provision and the actual SME processing.
  • Best practice model for e-business services by public authorities.