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Council Exchange Scheme

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Council Exchange Scheme. What We do. We currently work as Wellbeing Apprentices on different wards within the hospital, working one to one with dementia patients, making them feel more comfortable and at ease during their stay.

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Council Exchange Scheme

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what we do
What We do

We currently work as Wellbeing Apprentices on different wards within the hospital, working one to one with dementia patients, making them feel more comfortable and at ease during their stay.

We also carry out the health care role, doing daily tasks such as washing, filling in charts, feeding and comfort rounds.

integrated discharge team
Integrated Discharge Team

The first week was spent in the hospital working with different areas of the Integrated Discharge Team.

electrium point
Electrium Point

Electrium point is a rehabilation team offering 6 weeks of therapy.

Positive Points:

-We got to see what it was like for the OT’s and physio’s outside of the hospital.

-The assessments meant we could go to the service users home which was nice to see what happened after they left hospital.

-Some of us saw patients who were on our wards out in the community.

Negative Points:

-There was a lot of waiting around and watching what we had to do.

-We saw consistent work over the three day period.

We all went to the electrium point during our placement in the community. This consisted of 3 days; one in the office, one with a key worker and the other out with the therapists.

community base
Community Base

We was placed in different bases, where service users suffering with learning disabilities would get together and complete different activities.

We all found this placement enjoyable as we was able to interact with the service users and take part in different activities.

Beth- Pleck Community Base

Raj- Blakemore Community Base

Emily- Brownhills Community Base

Tammy- Willenhall Community Base

Tasha-Moxley Community Base

hollybank house
Hollybank House

Holly bank is a rehablment house where service users go for up to 6 weeks to gain or re learn skills that will help them in everyday life.

Through out the week we were placed on the units(Ash,Elm,Cedar,Birch) and were involved in washing,assisting to the toilet,washing up and making hot beverages for the service users.


-We enjoyed getting involved in the health care role.

-The flats where really good and equpiment used.

-It was good to compare the hospital to holly bank and see the differences.


-It was quieter in comparison to the hospital.

-The rountine was different to what we were used too.

-The experience wasn’t enjoyable for all


The experience didn’t meet our expectations as it wasn’t interactive enough.

The work was very relaxed compared to on the ward.

The transport was a problem as we had to sort it out and the places where stretched out and some of us had not been in these area’s before.

We felt as if a lot of the places we were just watching and didn’t feel as involved as we could have.

However it was good to gain a new experience and to compare to our time on the wards.

Also we met new people(staff and service users)

The community base was the most enjoyable for us.