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WP5. JRA1 Testbed Management Technologies. ETICS2 first Review. Alain Roy. University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). Bruxelles, 3 April 2009. Contents. Goals Major Achievements Challenges Metrics and Statistics Conclusions. 3. Goals. Goals. Top-level Goals:

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JRA1 Testbed Management Technologies

ETICS2 first Review

Alain Roy

University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Bruxelles, 3 April 2009

  • Goals
  • Major Achievements
  • Challenges
  • Metrics and Statistics
  • Conclusions

WPX WP name

  • Top-level Goals:
    • Designing and implementing solutions for resource and job management across the grid on IPv4 and IPv6 networks.
    • Explore existing hardware virtualization techniques, in order to integrate them into ETICS.
  • Deliverables due so far:
    • Job Management Web Service Interface Specification
    • IPv6 Compliance Analysis
    • Integration of Virtualization Technologies (Prototype)
  • Upcoming Deliverables:
    • Job Management Web Service Implementation
    • Integration of Virtualization Technologies
    • IPv6 Compliance
  • Other:
    • Support job submission to non-Condor systems (In support of DSA 2.4)

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other goals
Other Goals
  • Cross-Site job submissions
    • Ability to share jobs between ETICS instances.

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Major Achievements

  • DJRA 1.1: We have completed the specification of the web interface for Metronome.
  • DJRA 1.2: We have completed the IPv6 compliance analysis.
    • The analysis was the easy part.
    • The compliance is the hard part… More when we discuss “challenges”
  • DJRA 1.3: While this deliverable has been achieved, it needs considerable refinement and work in order to achieve the full implementation
  • Remote job submission: Successfully prototyped and nearly in production

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djra 1 3 virtualization prototype
DJRA 1.3: Virtualization Prototype
  • Two approaches explored
    • Use of Condor’s Virtual Machine Universe
      • Pushes management to Condor
      • Upper levels do no need to understand VM instantiation
    • Remote bootstrapper
      • (Explored at CERN)
      • Instrument Metronome to allow startup of virtual machine
      • Prototype in progress: complete by May 2009

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Metrics and Statistics

metrics and statistics
Metrics and Statistics
  • I’m not sure what I should put here.
  • Can someone provide some guidance?

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challenge progress on virtualization
Challenge: Progress on Virtualization
  • To date, we have been slow on progress towards use of virtualization technologies
  • We believe that we can accomplish our deliverables during the ETICS 2 project.

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challenge ipv6 compliance
Challenge: IPv6 Compliance
  • We have completed our IPv6 compliance analysis, and there are two major obstacles to achieving a pure IPv6-ready implementation.
    • ETICS relies on Metronome, which relies on Condor, and Condor is not IPv6 ready. The Condor project has requested funding for IPv6 compliance and is likely to get it, but it is unlikely to be completed before the end of ETICS 2. (The funding will not be received for a while)
    • Metronome relies on MySQL which is not IPv6 compliant. Switching to a new database is feasible but non-trivial. We are not aware of MySQL plans for IPv6 compliance.
  • Do we need to rely on a bridge/tunnel solution for now?

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  • Remote job submission is nearly production-ready
  • IPv6 Compliance faces challenges best dealt with by people outside the project
  • Virtualization is a bit behind, but we expect to complete it.

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