Storage media creating renaming and deleting folders
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Storage Media Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Folders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Storage Media Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Folders. Computer 1. Storage Media. Your computer’s OS also communicates with the various storage devices on a computer

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Storage media creating renaming and deleting folders

Storage MediaCreating, Renaming, and Deleting Folders

Computer 1

Storage media
Storage Media

  • Your computer’s OS also communicates with the various storage devices on a computer

  • Storage devices are essential for preserving anything you have written, taken a picture of, or created using your favorite applications

Types of storage media
Types of Storage Media

  • Hard drives: These are often referred to as the Local Disk C: ; this is typically what you save to at home

  • Compact discs for CD-RW or DVD RW: The RW stands for read/writable

  • USB flash or thumb drives: small, portable storage media that have replaced floppy disks & zip drives; these often appear on your PC as removable disks

Types of storage media1
Types of Storage Media

  • Online: You can also save online or in the cloud (examples: Google Docs, Dropbox)

    Where do we go to find the types of storage media available on our computer?

    You must be able to find this and do this on your own.

Files folders
Files & Folders

  • Applications create files

  • A file is a collection of saved information or data

  • A file containing data can be just about anything

    • A report created in MS Word or WordPad

    • A Web or Facebook page created online

    • A spreadsheet created in MS Excel

    • A photo snapped with a digital camera


  • Libraries are used to organize your most popular files

  • Your personal library will contain a number of folders

  • Folders are storing places; they are containers for all types of files


Where can your personal library on the school computers be found? (AGAIN: YOU MUST KNOW THIS!)

Answer: H:drive

Creating saving and storing files
Creating, Saving, and Storing Files

  • There are 2 types of folders: personal library folders, and subfolders

  • Subfolders are folders inside of folders

    Practice: Let’s practice making FOLDERS, subfolders, naming, renaming & deleting folders in our H:drive

Opening renaming and saving data files
Opening, Renaming, and Saving Data Files

  • Managing both files and folders are similar…you use the same commands for both

    Practice: Let’s practice saving, renaming and deleting FILES from our H:drive & folders


Copying moving files folders
Copying & Moving Files/Folders

  • Both folders and files can be easily moved with a right-click of your mouse or by simply dragging and dropping to its new location

    Practice: Let’s practice copying and moving some folders and files