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Africa – Unit 3 REVIEW Game Mrs. Rogers PowerPoint Presentation
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Africa – Unit 3 REVIEW Game Mrs. Rogers

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Africa – Unit 3 REVIEW Game Mrs. Rogers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Africa – Unit 3 REVIEW Game Mrs. Rogers

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  1. Africa – Unit 3 REVIEW Game Mrs. Rogers

  2. South Africa’s economy is based on the service industry, along with what other industry? mining

  3. What is the term for a one-house legislature? Ex. Kenya has a democratically elected legislative body known as the National Assembly unicameral

  4. What is a trade embargo? When one country cuts-off trade with another country

  5. What is a trade quota? a limit on the amount of imported goods allowed from a country

  6. Why would the currency exchange rate be important to know before doing business within a country? the stronger the rate, the greater value your money will have

  7. What is a tariff? a tax on imported good

  8. South Africa’s attempts to modernize its industries with the latest machines and technology are examples of investments in what?? capital goods

  9. Which African country had a military dictatorship, prior to 2011? • Sudan

  10. The investment in the welfare & training of a nation’s workforce is considered an investment in ____. human capital

  11. What type of government system shares the power between the Central and Regional authorities? a Federal System

  12. What African country has a Federal government? Nigeria

  13. What type of economic system allows a single authority to decide what is produced? command

  14. What tropical disease, spread by mosquitoes, is a leading cause of death in Sub-Saharan Africa? Malaria

  15. What country has a democracy, but it is still dominated by its president and his party? Kenya

  16. What term best explains the economic system of South African and the role of government in the economy? market

  17. South Africa has the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces. What type of legislature is this (two houses)? bi-cameral

  18. What were two effects the end of apartheid had on South Africa’s political system? Black South Africans were allowed to vote and hold office.

  19. What is the name for a person who rules a country with complete power? dictator

  20. When one country relies on another country for goods that they do not produce themselves, it is called _____. interdependence

  21. When people vote for a representative to make decisions on their behalf, it is referred to as what type of government? Republic

  22. What African country has a mixed economy, leaning toward a command economy? NIGERIA

  23. What country in Sub-Saharan Africa has the most reported cases of HIV/AID?? SOUTH AFRICA

  24. What is true of the rate of HIV/AIDS infection in Sub-Saharan Africa? It is among the highest in the world.

  25. How do literacy rates in Africadiffer from men and women? In most all cases, women have a lower literacy rate than men

  26. What do Kenya & South Africa have inn common? They are both REPUBLICS

  27. In what products does South Africa specialize? Diamonds and Gold

  28. What is a leading cause of famine in Africa? DROUGHT

  29. Which country would you get the greatest value on the US dollar?

  30. Answer: KENYA

  31. What country is this ?

  32. Why did Africans want independence from European powers? They wanted control of their own governments & resources.

  33. What is ?

  34. NIGERIA What country is this?

  35. What role did Mandela and de Klerk play in the evolution of Apartheid in South Africa? They worked together to abolish Apartheid.

  36. SUDAN What country is this?

  37. Why did Africans want independence from European powers? They wanted control of their own governments & resources.

  38. What lake is this? LAKE VICTORIA

  39. What ethnic group lives in Central & Southern Africa? Bantu

  40. Why did Europeans build empires in Africa? Europeans wanted the natural resources found there, and to expand their empires.

  41. What River is this? NILE RIVER

  42. SOUTH AFRICA What country is this?

  43. KENYA What country is this?

  44. What River is this? NIGER RIVER

  45. A war fought in a country with it’s own people fighting each other is called a _____. • civil war

  46. Who was the president who helped bring an end to Apartheid in South Africa? Frederick W. De Klerk