north shore senior high school cheerleading l.
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North Shore Senior High School Cheerleading PowerPoint Presentation
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North Shore Senior High School Cheerleading

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North Shore Senior High School Cheerleading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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North Shore Senior High School Cheerleading. Sponsors Jason Nybakken – Varsity Sponsor Erika Agrait – Junior Varsity Sponsor Brandi Couch – Freshman Sponsor. Squad Structure. Varsity 18 members (Juniors and Seniors) Junior Varsity 12 members (Sophomores only) Freshman Squad

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North Shore Senior High School Cheerleading

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north shore senior high school cheerleading
North Shore Senior High SchoolCheerleading


Jason Nybakken – Varsity Sponsor

Erika Agrait – Junior Varsity Sponsor

Brandi Couch – Freshman Sponsor

squad structure
Squad Structure


  • 18 members (Juniors and Seniors)

Junior Varsity

  • 12 members (Sophomores only)

Freshman Squad

  • 12 members (Freshmen only)
  • Support school athletic teams.
  • Boost school spirit.
  • Develop good positive crowd involvement.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and maintaining physical fitness.
  • Hard work and dedication to improve as an individual and as a team.
  • Display impeccable behavior during games, practices, and all school functions.
  • Show commitment to the squad by arriving to all games, practices and school functions on time and staying for the duration of each event.
  • Exhibit teamwork by cooperating with squad members and solving disputes peacefully.
estimated expenses
Estimated Expenses
  • Cheerleading expenses are estimated at $690.
  • Mascot expenses are estimated at $335.
  • Cheer/Mascot camp fees of $310 are due by our first team meeting (March 31st for Freshmen, April 4th for JV and Varsity).
estimated expenses6
Estimated Expenses
  • The remaining fees will be divided into payments made on May 1st and June 1st, with the final payment due before July 29th.

Failure to pay Cheerleading fees in a timely manner may result in dismissal from the squad. We are not permitted to purchase clothing, etc. unless there is a positive balance in the student activity account.

time commitment
Time Commitment
  • Practices
    • After school in April and May
    • Conditioning/Development June
    • Camp/Send-off practices July 18-29th
    • During school year – Conditioning practices after school (2-3 days/week)
mascot time commitment
Mascot Time Commitment
  • Practices and Camp
    • Conditioning practices
    • Some cheerleading practices in summer and after school.
    • Camp: Tuesday-Friday, August 2-5, 2011
time commitment9
Time Commitment
  • Camp
    • Tuesday-Friday, August 2-5, 2011

You must attend camp to be on the squad.

  • Games/Events for cheerleaders/mascots
    • All football, basketball and select volleyball games, pep rallies, cheer fundraisers, and other events as scheduled.
important dates
Important Dates
  • Uniform/Camp clothes fitting (all squads)
    • Tuesday, April 12th starting at 3pm.
  • Booster Club Meetings (JV and Varsity)
    • 1st Monday of each Month at 6:30pm at North Shore Senior High
    • All parents are expected to attend Booster Club meetings.
time commitment11
Time Commitment
  • Jobs, other sports and school activities cannot interfere with practices or games.
  • Chronic absences from practices or games, even if excused, will result in dismissal from the team as per the demerit discipline plan.
booster club
Booster Club
  • The Varsity and Junior Varsity squads will continue to have a booster club to assist with raising funds for banquet, senior scholarships and other expenses.
  • The Freshmen squad will raise money for an end of year celebration through a school fundraiser. There will be no booster club for Freshmen squad.
tryouts timeline
Tryouts Timeline


  • Mon-Wed 3:00-4:30 (Varsity)

March 7th-9th 4:30-5:30 (Sub-varsity)


  • Thursday, March 10th 3:30 Varsity tryout

Sub-Varsity to follow

mascot physical tryouts
Mascot Physical Tryouts

What you will be judged on:

  • Prepared skit
  • 2 improvised performances chosen by the judges.

Being Mascot is a serious commitment. Be sure that you are willing to make that commitment before trying out.

tryout score
Tryout Score

Judge 1 90

Judge 2 80

Judge 3 95

265/3 = 88.3

Tryout Score = 88

  • First semester of the 2010-2011 school year.
  • Five-point curve for Pre-AP/AP/Advanced classes.

For example: A student with a GPA of 88 would receive a score of 45 points.

teacher evaluations
Teacher Evaluations
  • Five of your current teachers (3 must teach core subjects)
  • Teachers must turn in forms through interoffice mail or email.

Example: Teacher 1 (Math) 21 pts

2 (English) 23 pts

3 (Science) 20 pts

4 (History) 19 pts

5 (Elective) 17 pts

100/5 = 20 pts

discipline record
Discipline Record
  • Candidates with a clean discipline record (no d-halls, ISS or suspension) will receive 20 points.
  • The following deductions will be applied based on a candidate’s discipline record for the 2010-2011 year (through Friday, February 27th):
total composite score
Total Composite Score
  • TOTAL COMPOSITE SCORE – The scores will be added together to create the Total Composite Score.
  • For example (using scores from previous pages)






what to wear
What to Wear


  • Comfortable athletic clothing
  • Tennis/cheer shoes

Tryout Day

  • Hair pulled back in a ponytail.
  • Plain white t-shirt (no logos, no writing)
  • Shorts (any color)
  • Tennis/cheer shoes
  • NO jewelry (earrings, tongue rings, nose rings, or any other kind of rings)
  • No tattoos showing.
tryout night
Tryout Night
  • Parents are not permitted to be in the dressing room during tryouts and must wait in the cafeteria.
  • Results will not be released until the end of the day Friday via envelope to each candidate.
  • Candidates must open envelopes off-campus and are not permitted to return to discuss results.
physical form emergency card
Physical Form/Emergency Card
  • All candidates must have a valid physical on the day of clinic and tryouts to participate.
  • If you have a valid physical on file (examined after March 10, 2010) with the school, indicate this on the cheerleader permission form.
developmental cheerleading clinic
Developmental Cheerleading Clinic

Saturday, March 5th

Time/Location: 9-12pm/ 5 Star Cheer Gym

  • $20 early registration / $25 day of (includes snacks, t-shirt, etc.)
  • More information coming soon.

Note: This clinic does not teach the dance or cheer for tryouts.

  • Write the NAME and GRADE of the candidate on the TAB OF THE FOLDER.
  • On the outside of the folder, write the NAMES (First and Last) of the 5 teachers (3 CORE SUBJECTS, 2 Electives) you will be submitting evaluations to.
  • 8th Graders: Write your school on the outside of the folder as well.


4. Fill out the following forms completely.

  • Permission Form
  • GPISD Extra-Curricular Activities Form

5. Put these COMPLETED FORMS inside the folder.

  • New physical forms will be available soon from your athletic trainer. You must have a valid physical on file BEFORE tryout clinic.