November 1 2013
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November 1, 2013. Journal Finish up your CSI worksheet. Quote “ Get your facts first, then you can distort them as much as you please.” –Mark Twain Word of the Day Hurricane Sandy is more than a little inclement weather, it’s a disaster!. Inclement (adjective).

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November 1 2013
November 1, 2013


Finish up your CSI worksheet.


“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as much as you please.” –Mark Twain

Word of the Day

Hurricane Sandy is more than a little inclementweather, it’s a disaster!

Inclement adjective
Inclement (adjective)

  • Severe, rough, or harsh; stormy

Announcements reminders

  • Test: November 7

  • Turn in journals.

  • End of trimester: November 15

Common mistakes
Common Mistakes

  • Soldier (not soljer, solger)

  • In case - two separate words

  • Clothes v. cloths

  • ‘Til v. till (to be safe, use until)

  • Realise v. realize

  • Brake v. break

  • Aisle v. isle

  • Comma v. coma

  • Excited and exited

  • Principle v. principal

  • Question marks

Common mistakes1
Common Mistakes

  • Participial Phrases

  • Adverb clauses and phrases

  • “So”

  • All of a sudden

  • Meanwhile

  • Doctor (not docter)

  • Breath v. breathe

  • Lay v. lie

What actually happened to nathaniel owen
What Actually Happened to Nathaniel Owen?

  • Blood: Jack Thompson’s nose bleed.

  • Fingerprints: Still alive searching for weapon and way to identify his killer. Killer forgot to wipe off drinking fountain.

  • Texts: From Thompson, he owed Owen money/change for his last payment on a wedding ring.

  • Dirty hands: Owen fell down when fighting Thompson.

  • Interview: Elise was trying to hide Nate’s problems with money because she was afraid it would tie him to Jack Thompson.

Nathaniel Owen, the deceased

What actually happened to nathaniel owen1
What Actually Happened to Nathaniel Owen?

  • Plane Ticket: Belonged to Owen’s friend, he picked it up for him and paid for it in exchange for Cunningham helping him find a place to live.

  • Hotel Key: Staying there to plan wedding.

  • Hair: Elise’s friend was helping him plan the wedding, it belongs to her.

  • Luggage: Packing for honeymoon.

  • Key Ring: Key to apartment in NY where Elise sometimes visited, safety deposit box with ring, and key to apartments he wanted to buy.

Owen and Thompson in Iraq

What actually happened to nathaniel owen2
What Actually Happened to Nathaniel Owen?

  • Scrap of paper: Address to apartments that he was planning to buy.

  • Driver’s License: Had lived in New York before. Was a mechanic so had to drive both vehicles.

  • Ring: Worn from being taken off to avoid ruining it with oil.

  • Knife: Present for Cunningham, showed to Thompson.

Nathaniel Owen and Elise Monroe at a New Year’s party a couple of years ago.


  • There is actually no right answer to this. The case of Nathaniel Owen is still open. So, what really happened? No one knows…

  • With evidence you have to be careful to make sure that you get everything fully in context, otherwise you wind up with a cheating scumbag, when, in actuality, you have a really nice guy.

  • Be careful how you present your evidence! Make sure that it’s in the right context.

How would you change the ending
How would you change the ending?

  • For next year…

  • How should I change the ending?

  • Who should the killer be?

  • How should he die?

  • What should his job have been?

  • What other clues would you add?

Red herrings
Red Herrings

  • A literary device that leads readers or characters towards a false conclusion, often used in mystery or detective fiction.

  • When do we see red herrings in real life?

Create your own csi
Create Your Own CSI

  • Now it’s your turn to create your own crime scene with evidence.

  • Keep in mind that the evidence should be leading but should not tell the investigators exactly what happened.

Dialogue rules
Dialogue Rules

  • What are the rules of dialogue?

  • What does properly written dialogue look like?


  •  When I was eight, my father dragged me into my bedroom after I lit a folded pile of his shirts on fire. I sat on the edge of the bed, not looking up, my hands folded mannerly in my lap.            “What’s wrong with you?” he asked.            “Nothing,” I said.            “You lit my shirts on fire, boy? Where’d you learn that?”            “Daycare.”            “What? Daycare? You learned how to light shirts on fire at daycare?”            I froze and looked up the ceiling, trying to backtrack. I actually learned how to light matches by watching him light his pipe, but I couldn’t tell him that.            “A kid brought matches one day. I told him matches were bad.”            “I’m calling your daycare.”            “No,” I said. Okay, I screamed it, and he scowled at me.            “Tell me the truth, lad.”            I took a deep breath and let is slide out: “I hate your shirts, Dad.”

Practice writing dialogue
Practice Writing Dialogue

  • Each of you will pick a celebrity/infamous person. Together, on a loose-leaf sheet of paper with both your names on it, you will write a one-page conversation between the two celebrities, writing their names on the top of the paper.

  • Use AT LEAST three different verbs than “said.”

  • Each person must say at least 3 sentences of dialogue.

  • The sentences must be at least four words long!