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Travel Requirements Briefing

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Travel Requirements Briefing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Travel Requirements Briefing. For TRAVELERS December 11, 2013. Travel Pre-Approval. Obtain Supervisor’s verbal approval prior to travel Submit Pre-Trip Travel Authorization (TA) (if an Admin is preparing TA give them the required information)

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travel requirements briefing

Travel Requirements Briefing


December 11, 2013

travel pre approval
Travel Pre-Approval

Obtain Supervisor’s verbal approval prior to travel

Submit Pre-Trip Travel Authorization (TA) (if an Admin is preparing TA give them the required information)

Foreign Country – ensure request is submitted in the TA and FTMS systems at least 45 days prior to travel

Participating in a Conference – ensure request to attend is added to the event database or submitted to your Admin at least 120 days prior to travel.

Do not obligate any funds until Trip Authorization (TA) is released by Travel Services

contact information
Contact Information

Administrative personnel/Travel Coordinators are available to help with travel arrangements. However, they are not travel agents. If necessary contact:

CI Travel at with specific

Air, Hotel, or Car questions


JLab travel office at regarding Travel policy, procedures, or process questions

information needed to initiate your travel authorization
Information Needed to Initiate your Travel Authorization
    • Verbal Approver
    • Purpose of trip
    • Charge Code (Proj/Org)
    • Destination
    • Start/End date of trip
    • Desired Itinerary
  • Traveling to a Conference or other qualifying event
    • Name of Event
    • Website location
    • Reason for participation
    • Travel Justification
    • Business Contact Name
    • Business phone number
    • Name of Hotel
    • Hotel phone number
    • Are you taking a Laptop
    • Presentation Outline
    • Personal Leave Dates
    • Desired Itinerary


Frequently Asked Questions

steps in achieving conference attendance approval
Steps in Achieving Conference Attendance Approval
  • Conference is entered into JLab database
  • Projected attendance and estimated cost is added to JLab database
  • Conference attendance and estimated cost is reported to DOE through a web based conference tool
  • “Conferences Requiring Approval” spreadsheet on JLab Travel website is updated:
  • Conference approval is obtained from DOE
    • If > $100k DOE Programmatic approval is required
    • If > $500k DOE Secretary approval is required
    • If < $100k approval is granted when lock-out date is reached
  • “Conferences Requiring Approval” spreadsheet is updated with approval
  • Travel Authorization is released for domestic or non-sensitive foreign country
  • Travel Authorization for sensitive country travel must await foreign travel approval before it can be released.
what is a lock out date and why is it important
What is a lock-out date and why is it important?
  • Lock-out date in the DOE conference tool is the date when no additional attendees can be added to the database
  • Lock-out date is determined by,
    • The host - in order to identify the number of attendees early enough to make arrangements
    • The sponsor - when the early registration date is established
    • DOE - 75 days prior to event start date if the lock-out date is not entered based on the host’s or sponsor’s time table
reimbursement may be reduced when actual travel cost exceeds estimate
Reimbursement may be reduced when actual travel cost exceeds estimate

Projected attendance includes estimated cost from DOE funds

Aggregate of JLab estimated DOE costs is reported to DOE

Approval from DOE is based on aggregate cost of DOE funded attendance from all facilities

Approved aggregate cost can not be exceeded

Individual facilities can not exceed what was reported and approved

how can i reduce my estimated cost
How can I reduce my estimated cost?
  • Some costs are out of your control, such as:
    • Airfare
    • Registration fee
  • Ways to reduce estimated cost include:
    • Accepting reduced meals per diem
    • Staying at a less expensive hotel
    • Taking public transportation rather than renting a car
    • Reducing the number of days you attend the event
hotel accommodations self reserved
  • For security reasons
    • Notify your Admin or Supervisor where you will be staying and how to reach you (Hotel phone #)
  • To meet policy requirements
    • Always ask for “Fed Room Rate”
    • If unable to obtain, check other hotels
  • To ensure full reimbursement
    • Submit an Actual Lodging Form PRIOR to travel if lodging rate is over the local per diem, or
    • Notify Admin if rate secured is higher then Fed Room Rate
    • Receive approval to be reimbursed Lodging over per diem before leaving on travel
submitting travel expense report
Submitting Travel Expense Report
  • Prepare or review expense report (see 402.01 A-4 )
      • Domestic – due within 10 business days after return
      • Foreign – due within 20 business days after return
  • Sign and send to Travel Services with receipts (see 402.03 A-6) for,
    • Airfare
    • Lodging – itemized with daily rate and number of days
    • Rental car
    • Registration fee
    • Other single expenses $75 or more
doe oro audit findings
DOE ORO Audit Findings
  • Some trips were not approved prior to the trip start date. (402.01 A. 3)
  • Some requests for reimbursement of actual lodging above per diem were requested after the trip end date. (402.03 C. 2 d) (Form on Travel website under Forms)
  • Labor & Travel Project code not the same.
  • Expense reports were not submitted timely (402.01 A. 4).
    • Adhere to Travel Policy
    • Inquire with Admin or Travel Services (TS) if you receive an expense report status update email indicating TS is awaiting additional information
recap basic travel requirements
RECAP: Basic Travel Requirements

Approved travel authorization obtained prior to travel start date

Identify personal days on all travel documents

Request for foreign travel submitted 45 days before travel start date

Request for conference attendance submitted 120 days prior to event start date

With approved travel authorization – make travel arrangements

Request Lodging at “Fed room rate”

Approval for lodging over per diem needed before trip starts

Submit expense report with receipts on time

Conference expenses must not exceed approved travel authorization estimated cost

sponsoring a visitor

Invitation letter sent

Provide JLab registration instructions to visitor

Travel Authorization approval obtained when funding support is provided by JLab

Ensure visitor checked in with HR upon arrival

Submit expense report in enough time to get visitor paid before departure



Frequently Asked Questions

guidance for the traveler
Guidance for the Traveler

General Foreign Travel Guidance can be found on the Travel webpage under Foreign Travel tab


Copy/paste this URL into your browser:

Prior to or after returning from foreign travel DOE Counterintelligence might contact you about your trip.

how are days of travel counted
How are days of travel counted?

JLab policy (402.01-A7) and Foreign Travel Order 551.1D requires 2 days of business for every 1 day of personal for approval.

Day before start of business – (travel day)

Day of Rest – (FTR 301-10.125 - 14 hour rule)

Day after end of business - (travel day)

Day(s) between business engagement -(consult Jlab Foreign Travel office)

Day(s) business is being conducted

what is the 14 hour rule
What is the 14-Hour Rule?

Where origin and/or destination are outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) and scheduled flight time, including stopovers and change of planes, is in excess of 14 hours, you may

  • Use “lowest other than coach-class” airfare, or
  • Have a rest stop en route, or
  • Rest period (not to exceed 24 hrs) upon arrival at final destination.

Reference: FTR 301-10.125

what countries do not qualify for a day of rest
What Countries do not qualify for a DAY OF REST?


Costa Rica


Dominican Republic










United Kingdom

Method used for determination:

Based on one connecting flight with

a 2 hr. layover from NN or Norfolk

and landing at major city airport

in the destination country.

Consult Travel Services for exceptions that may apply when itinerary is outside of these parameters.

are we allowed to u se a foreign carrier
Are we allowed to use a Foreign Carrier?
  • Policy 402.03 B-3 states:
    • U. S. Flag Air carriers shall be used for all domestic travel. 
    • Foreign travel, may be accomplished through the use of a U.S. Flag Air Carrier or a foreign carrier with an open skies agreement in accordance with

FAR 47.403-2 and

FTR 301-10.135(b):

what insurance does the lab provide during official foreign business travel
What Insurance does the Lab provide during official FOREIGN business Travel?

Medical - Travel Guard by CHARTIS

See Foreign Travel approval email attachment.

Auto – Take insurance offered by vendor

Refer to “Insurance Information for Jlab Traveler’s” pamphlet on the travel webpage at:

foreign country assistance travel guard by chartis
FOREIGN COUNTRY Assistance Travel Guard by CHARTIS
  • When you need assistance overseas
    • Medical assistance
    • Travel Medical emergency services
    • Political unrest – unable to contact consulate or embassy
    • Dispute over damages at hotel
    • Translator needed

Contact Travel Guard +01 (713)260-5500

Policy # WR10001499

foreign country vehicle insurance
Foreign CountryVehicle Insurance
  • When renting a vehicle accept Vehicle Damage insurance (LDW) rental insurance.
  • Insurance coverage required in many countries (accept all if necessary)
  • If an accident occurs:
    • Summon Police, get copy of Incident Report
    • Provide rental papers to other driver and/or Police
    • Get the other driver’s insurance information
        • Name of Insured
        • Driver’s Name
        • Driver’s DL number and country
        • Name of Insurance Co
        • Policy Number
        • Agents Name and/or Phone Number
  • Contact the Risk Manager, Travel or Division at Jlab with detailed account of accident.


Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

what insurance does the lab provide during official domestic business travel
What Insurance does the Lab provide during official DOMESTIC business Travel?

Medical – Workman’s Compensation (when work related injury)

Auto –DO NOT TAKE INSURANCE OFFERED BY THE RENTAL CAR COMPANY. JLab fleet insurance and rental agreement with National and Enterprise covers insurance requirements in every state.

Refer to “Insurance Information for Jlab Traveler’s” pamphlet on the travel webpage at:

domestic medical care
DomesticMedical Care
  • Workman’s Compensation

If work related seek care from a convenient treatment facility.

        • Trumbull Insurance Co
        • Policy # 14WBCL5372
        • Effective Dates: 10/1/13 – 9/30/14
domestic illness

Seek care at a convenient treatment center

If not work-related, provide your personal health insurance information

domestic vehicle insurance
DomesticVehicle Insurance
  • When renting a vehicle DO NOT take the rental insurance. If an accident occurs:
    • Give JLab insurance information to other driver
      • Sentinel Insurance Co 1-800-327-3636
      • Policy No: 14UUNZ16177
      • Effective: 10/1/13 – 10/1/14
    • If police summoned, get copy of Incident Report
    • Get the other driver’s insurance information
        • Name of Insured
        • Driver’s Name
        • Driver’s Drivers License Number
        • Name of Insurance Co
        • Policy Number
        • Agents Name and/or Phone Number