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Developing Peer Assessment

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Developing Peer Assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing Peer Assessment. Swansea University. Why group work is important. Collaboration Team work Employability Skills needed for the work place As ubiquitous as ICT skills. Swansea University: Our Gwella Projects. Peer Support. Emerging from Gwella Projects …. 2Evaluate. PVox.

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Developing Peer Assessment

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    1. Developing Peer Assessment Swansea University

    2. Why group work is important Collaboration Team work Employability Skills needed for the work place As ubiquitous as ICT skills

    3. Swansea University: Our Gwella Projects Peer Support Emerging from Gwella Projects … 2Evaluate PVox Appreciative Inquiry Real EAP eMark

    4. Issues in group work While students may often like group work … … they do not usually like group assessment. How fair is the assessment ?

    5. Listening to students people don’t pull their weight ... I think it could be improved ... workloads are uneven ... some work was two weeks late ... if it were a real hand in deadline they would get zero ... the idea of a group project in the first instance is ridiculous ... may not give the right credit to people who work harder ...

    6. Listening to External Examiners Professor Dave Clarke (College of Science) • Used to use paper-based peer assessment tool • Labour intensive • Not anonymous • Difficult to administer Move to using Web PA after recommendation from external examiner

    7. WebPA – What and Why ? Open source Web-based peer assessment tool developed by Loughborough Group marks adjusted for contribution - moderation by lecturing staff Members of defined groups assess their peers through a set of pre-defined criteria Enhance what had been done before Addresses issues with group work and encourages collaboration A tool that can be developed

    8. Tutor’s home view

    9. Student’s home view

    10. The actual questions ...

    11. What we have done? Literature review of group work Participating in a wider UK community using Web PA Swansea activity 8 modules c. 1000 students To the literature review ...

    12. Student comments (38% response rate) It's a good way of saying if someone hasn't contributed without them knowing ... Students will always feel the need to give each other at least ‘average’ marks ... The simple layout is good ... Friends will choose to mark friends higher than people they do not know that well ... It was easy to use but I think dishonesty could be a problem ... It was easy to understand and use ... I don't know how else to do it meeting face to face may result in being too nice and not wanting to offend anyone so in that way it's good to get your own say in your group members' marks ... Not a bad concept :)

    13. Some words from our academics … What we did before was far less easy ... This is exactly what I would have designed myself, from scratch ... Very, very easy to implement ... There is resistance to group work from some academics ... Paper based exercises are more unusual now ... The students seem to have accepted the fact of if they want a good mark, they are just going to have to put in the work now ...

    14. What we are learning Group work matters Students value assessment that they can see is fair Technology can facilitate collaboration

    15. The Future … Live across the university Blackboard link