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Today, Friday, August 9, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Today, Friday, August 9, 2013

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Today, Friday, August 9, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today, Friday, August 9, 2013

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  1. Today, Friday, August 9, 2013 Choose your own seat where you can work successfully (think about what that means and make good choices) Put away all electronic devices Get a piece of recycled paper out of the bin in the front of the class. Have a pen ready. Be ready to start on time.

  2. Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts Mrs. Carpenter

  3. Today´sObjectives1. Understandteacherexpectations and rules 2. Thinkingaboutwhereyou are in yourlearning 3. Demonstration of yourtalents and skillstotheteacher 4. Show thatyou can workeffectively in a group and individually Coming Up NextClass: Assessment – EvaluationMethod Youwillthinkaboutlessonslearnedbytheworld, your country, yourfamily, and thenyou and write a paragraphaboutyourfindings.

  4. A Few Key PointstoRemember… Backpacksaway –havethematerialsyouneedout at yourdesk at thestart of class. 2. No food in theclass. Water in bottlesonthefloor. 3. Electronicdevicesawayduringclass. 4. Don’tbe late. Use your time wisely. 5. My nameis Mrs. Carpenter Mr. Carpenter


  6. If you have a problem, find a solution.

  7. My Class Rules • Black or dark blue pen only; no White-out • Have loose-leaf paper you can turn in; use notebook for class notes • Clean up after yourself; recycle • Skip lines on all assignments • Be patient – wait your turn • Be an individual - Do your own work • Don’t talk over each other – everyone has the right to be heard • Electronic devices away unless okayed by teacher • Bathroom only when working individually or in groups (Don’t interrupt me or your classmates unless an emergency) • Respect my time and I’ll respect yours– don’t be late.

  8. Get plenty of sleep at home so you don’t fall asleep in class!

  9. How to get a C: Do the work. Do the work on time. Do all the work on time. How to get a B: Do all the work a little better, on time, more than the bare minimum required; add something. How to get an A: Do all the work above and beyond a little better, on time. Take initiative, think outside the box. I do not give you grades nor am I responsible for your grade. You and math are. You earn the points and math does the rest. If you want a better grade, give the math something better to work with.

  10. So, let’s take a few minute to test your brain powers and knowledge of the world.

  11. Why are you here? How did you get here? Do you need to be here? Do you wish you were there?

  12. By living and learning.

  13. Stefan SagmeisterLifeLessonsLearned Complainingissilly. Eitheractorforget. Thinkinglifewill be better in thefutureisuseless. Live now. Beingnottruthfulworksagainst me. Helpingotherpeoplehelps me. Organizing a charitygroupissurprisinglyeasy. Everything I do always comes back to me. Over time I getusedtoeverything and starttakingitforgranted. Money doesnotmake me happy. Travelingaloneishelpfulfor a new perspectiveonlife. Assumingisstifling. Keeping a diarysupportsmy personal development. Tryingto look goodlimitsmylife. Worryingsolvesnothing. Material luxuries are bestenjoyed in small doses.

  14. Today’s Assignment: • In yourgroup – come up withthreelessonseachyouthinkthefollowinggroupshavelearnedoverthe time of theirexistence: • Theworld • Colombia • Yourfamily • Thinkaboutthesequestions: • Didtheylearnthelessontheeasywayorthehardway • Werepeoplehurt in theprocess • Didtheyhavetosacrifice, give up, do anything extra, suffer • Whatwastheendresult • Youwill share your ideas withtheclass

  15. 2. Individually, come up withthreelessonsyouthink YOU personallyhavelearned so far in yourlife. Tellhowyoulearnthem and whyitwasvaluabletoYOU. Writeit as a cohesiveparagraph (startwith a sentencetograb my attention, 2-4 sentencesforeachlesson, draw a conclusion). Skiplinesonyourpaper. Be sureyournameis at the top.

  16. Looking forward to a great year!