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Lessons from Leaders

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Lessons from Leaders. Session 14. The Way General Managers Lead. Strategy Approach Expertise Approach Box Approach Change Approach. Strategy Approach. Devote 80% of their time on matters external Customers, competitors, market trends, technology

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Lessons from Leaders

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Presentation Transcript
the way general managers lead
The Way General Managers Lead
  • Strategy Approach
  • Expertise Approach
  • Box Approach
  • Change Approach
strategy approach
Strategy Approach
  • Devote 80% of their time on matters external
    • Customers, competitors, market trends, technology
  • Value employees to whom they can delegate day to day operations; analytical and planning skills
  • Focus primary on current business situation and the advantageous future market position
expertise approach
Expertise Approach
  • Selecting and disseminating within the firm an area of expertise that will be a source of competitive advantage
  • Cultivation and continual improvement of talent and expertise
  • Hire experts
  • Prefer people who have flexible minds, lack biases, demonstrate a willingness to be immersed in their expertise
human asset approach
Human Asset Approach
  • Primary focus is on the firm’s values, behaviors, and attitudes; growth and development of people
  • Spend most of their time in personnel related activities
  • Value long term employees who consistently exhibit the “company way” behaviors
box approach
Box Approach
  • Primary focus is on developing a best of breed management control system
  • Focus on exceptions to policies and standards
  • Emphasis is on prescriptive policies and procedures to align behavior
  • Place a high value on a consistent experience for customers and employees
  • Often promote from within to reward many years on the “corporate team”
change approach
Change Approach
  • Primary role is to create an environment of continual reinvention
  • Emphasis is put on the process rather than destination point
  • Little emphasis on control systems
  • 75% of their time on speeches, meetings and other forms of communicating to motivate the firm’s employees
  • Seniority matters little; prefer go-getters
common attributes
Common Attributes
  • Relentess and ruthless in their pursuit of victory
  • Personalities
  • Strong desire to change the “Established Order”
  • See and create the “Big Picture”
  • Audacity to push through massive transformations
  • Charmers
  • Risk Takers
  • Skillful Orators
  • Unrealistic dreamers
  • Tendency towards grandiosity and distrust
  • Unpredictability-in the extreme-parnoia
  • Isolated and distached
  • Lack of self-knowledge and a restraining anchor
  • Over-estimation of self worth
  • Need affirmation and prefer adulation
  • Insecure and overly shrill-Ross Perot
other weaknesses
Other Weaknesses
  • Tend to list for only the information they seek
  • Don’t learn well from others-lack empathy
  • Not particularly comfortable with their emotions or others
  • Extremely sensitive to criticisms or sights
  • Cannot tolerate dissent, prefer-yes people
  • Do not listen when feel threatened
  • Can be verbally abusive
the difference between god and larry is that god does not believe he is larry

“The difference between God and Larry is that God does not believe he is Larry”

Former Oracle Executive

intense desire to compete
Intense Desire to Compete
  • Enjoy winning
  • What is a “winning strategy”?
  • Dislike losing
  • Comfortable keeping score
  • Impatient
  • Narcissists
  • Obessives
  • On Stage