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NCR NeighborhoodPOS

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1 Burger 2 Md Cola 2 Hot Dog 1 FR Fries 1 Fish Sa -------------- -----------. NCR NeighborhoodPOS. NeighborhoodPOS Potential Markets. General retail outlets Food service/hospitality Convenience stores Grocery stores (niche). NeighborhoodPOS Examples.

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ncr neighborhoodpos

1 Burger 2 Md Cola

2 Hot Dog 1 FR Fries

1 Fish Sa --------------


NCR NeighborhoodPOS

neighborhoodpos potential markets
NeighborhoodPOS Potential Markets
  • General retail outlets
  • Food service/hospitality
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores (niche)
neighborhoodpos at a glance
NeighborhoodPOS at a Glance
  • NCR POS Solution featuring the open architecture NCR 7448 POS Terminal with a high level of retail integration in a very small footprint
    • Reliability of Embedded Solution
    • Flexibility and Power of an Open System
    • Easily Supported Integrated Solution
    • Reliable, yet highly functional Store Solutions, easily supported by lean IT Staff Resources, at a reasonable pricepoint
neighborhoodpos design
NeighborhoodPOS Design
  • Application Software Design:
    • POS Application Flexibilty
      • Retail Checkout
        • Bar Code Scanning, Cash Control, EJ Capture
      • Hospitality
        • Quick Service or Guest Check
        • Remote Printers and Kitchen CRTs
      • Combination Retail / Hospitality
        • NCR NeighborhoodPOS does both Retail & Hospitality by allowing user to select parameters to define transaction type
    • Manager’s WorkStation Software
    • Support Software & Utilities
neighborhoodpos design1
NeighborhoodPOS Design
  • Application Modes (Keylock Controlled)
    • Ex Mode
      • Configuration & Peripheral Setup, Diagnostics
    • Lock
    • Register
      • POS Operations
    • Supervisor
      • SUPR Keyflick option for many functions
      • Run Reports (X or Z), PLU/Dept Maint, other functions
    • Program
      • Defined Register Level Programming Options
neighborhoodpos design2
NeighborhoodPOS Design

Corporate Polling(NCR CWS Software)


Cluster Store With PC (NCR MWS Software)

Cluster Store No PC

Single Terminal No PC

neighborhoodpos features
NeighborhoodPOS Features
  • Key POS Features:
    • Redundant Totals Architecture stores all key financial totals in both Master & Backup Master terminals
      • On-line Consolidation takes place at end of every transaction (stored securely to flash disk)
      • Quick Manager Function allows Backup Master to take over if Master ever fails
    • Electronic Journal Data stored at each terminal
      • Saved securely to flash disk
      • Accessible by PC, or print\view at the POS terminal



S/R# 1



TXBL 1 TL 5.38

TAX 1 TL 0.27

EAT - IN $ 5.65

CASH 5.65

001 Dan 2172-001

0001 3:10PM 9/ 6/00

neighborhoodpos features1
NeighborhoodPOS Features
  • Key POS Features:
    • OS & application (including Parameters) easily updated via Ethernet cluster communications
      • Or via optional PC Card & Flash Card Media (SanDisk)
    • Current Transaction Data Securely protected by 7448 Battery option
    • All finalized transactions saved to non-volatile Flash disk at end of each transaction
neighborhoodpos features2
NeighborhoodPOS Features
  • Key POS Features:
    • Shared Receipt Feature
      • A thermal Receipt printer may be shared by multiple terminals
    • Discount Keys
      • 6 transaction discount keys
        • Or can be used for surcharges
    • Up to 9 programmable keyboards can be defined
neighborhoodpos features3
NeighborhoodPOS Features
  • Management Reports at POS:
    • End-of-Day (EOD) and Period-to-Date (PTD)
      • Current Day and Saved Day Totals = Longer Polling Window
      • Read / Reset
      • May be stored for printing / polling at a later time
    • Standard Reports plus 8 Custom reports

Department (EOD / PTD) PLU (EOD / PTD)

Individual / Group / All Individual /Group / Department / Inactive / All

System Financial (EOD / PTD) Coupon (EOD / PTD)

Terminal Financial (EOD) Electronic Journal (EOD)

Activity (EOD / PTD) Operator (EOD / PTD)

Guest CheckMedia Flash

Eight User-Definable (EOD / PTD) Speed-of-Service (EOD / PTD)

neighborhoodpos features4
NeighborhoodPOS Features
  • Key Solution Interfaces:
    • NCR Bar Code Scanners:
      • 7837, 7872, 7875, 7882, 7892
    • Scale Interface
      • Weightronix 6710, 6720
    • EFT
      • Electronic Payment Terminal Interface
        • Datacap Credit\Debit & Check Authorization
      • PC Based Credit Auth
        • Gateway Ent \ Supercharge Credit Auth \ Check Auth & PC based Negative Check
    • Electronic Charge Post
        • Gateway Enterprises Software or Hotel PMS I/F’s)
    • Beverage Dispenser (Berg & TMI 6400)
neighborhoodpos in retail
NeighborhoodPOS in Retail
  • Key Retail Checkout Features:
    • LCD or 2x20 Operator Display Support
      • Either Display supports Operator Scroll thru Order
    • PLU file supports up to 100,000 Items
      • Linked PLUs (up to 9,999)
      • Bar Code Scanning: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN 8, EAN-13, UPC Type 5 Coupon Scanning, Type 2 Variable Price Labels
    • Sales Restriction
      • Example: No Beer any day after 12:00pm, or on Sundays
    • Age Audit
      • Require birth date (3 classes of Age Groups)
      • Writes birth date to Journal or Ejournal
    • Optional Charge Post Interface for in-house charge accounts
neighborhoodpos in hospitality
NeighborhoodPOS in Hospitality
  • Key Hospitality Features:
    • Quick Service
      • Store Recall file (99 open orders), Counter and Drive-thru
      • Scale supported for weighed items
      • Supports multiple terminal Drive-thru order flow
      • Optional Kitchen Display System with Scoreboard Interface
      • Combination Coupons Supported
        • up to 100 can be defined, each with 7 criteria
      • Order Entry Prompting:
        • Use to prompt for Value Meals, or anywhere you want to have the operator prompted for choices
        • Also can be used to prompt with PLU lists (Beverages, Catering items, etc - up to 88 items per list)
      • Optional Charge Post Interface for in-house charge accounts or employee charges
neighborhoodpos in hospitality1
NeighborhoodPOS in Hospitality
  • Key Hospitality Features:
    • Table Service
      • Up to 800 Guest Checks
        • Soft Retained Check or Hard (Print as you go) Check Options
        • Auto-assigned Check or Manually Enter Check (table) #
        • Supports Seat# split of check (incl print by seat, transfer items from one seat to another, tender partial seats, etc
      • Supports Server banking or Cashier tendering of checks
      • Optional Beverage Interface (Berg & TMI 6400)
      • Optional Server Key-Lock Sign-IN
      • Team Servers supported
      • Pub Interrupt Feature Supported
      • Order Entry Prompting Support:
        • Use to prompt for Temperature, Salad Dressings, Veggie choices, etc
        • Also can be used to prompt with PLU lists (Wines, Desserts, etc - up to 88 items per list)
neighborhoodpos add ons
NeighborhoodPOS Add-Ons
  • NCR Manager’s WorkStation (MWS) Software
    • An Optional Individual Store Application that provides:
      • Communications
      • Reporting
      • Maintenance
  • NCR Corporate WorkStation (CWS) Software
    • An Optional Application that provides Multi-Store:
      • Communications
      • Reporting
      • Maintenance
neighborhoodpos mws
NeighborhoodPOS MWS
  • Provide a base NCR Communications Software Platform for In-store and Polling of NCR NeighborhoodPOS Clusters
      • 32 Bit, Win 98 \ NT Scrolling Menu UI. Supported MWS platform OS’s: Win 98, NT 4 (NT 4.0 recommended)
      • Design includes Database architecture (on MWS) that allows for multiple stores, multiple concepts and storing of parameters and totals. Capable of Multiple Language Support: English, German, Dutch, etc
      • Allows User security levels. Each user level can allow/not allow access to MWS functions, by Major Area \ Sub Area of MWS\CWS.
      • Allow & Support third-party applications to interface to MWS data, and menu structure (example: Inventory, In-house charge accounts, Quickbooks, etc)
  • Parameter Maintenance
      • Provide the user with an easy to use application to maintain in-store PLU files, and all other key parameter files
      • Provide methods to download NeighborPOS application files
neighborhoodpos cws
NeighborhoodPOS CWS
  • Provides all the Features of MWS, plus
    • Multi-Location and Multi-Store Communications from a Central location
      • Stores can be grouped by descriptive names (e.g NSW stores, Queensland Stores, KFC stores, etc
      • Each Individual Store is uniquely identified by Descriptive Name
    • Polling Log clearly shows polling Results by Group, and or individual Store
    • Different Stores can have different NCR NeighborhoodPOS Parameter sets (or Store Concepts), even different Language Mnemonics!
    • Multiple Polling Scripts can be set up to auto execute polling unattended.
neighborhoodpos positioning
NeighborhoodPOS Positioning
  • Investment Protection and Scalability Unavailable with Proprietary ECRs
  • Higher Level of Retail Integration and Reliability than Possible with PCoCD and ISV application
  • Lower Price Point than many ISV applications

NCR 745xw/ ISV

NHPw/ 7448




NeighborhoodPOS Selling Points


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Flexible expansion capabilities
  • Functional in many environments

Against Competition

  • Single vendor source for 7448 and NHP
  • Support one application for retail and hospitality
  • Supports stand-alone or server-client environment