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Good Web Design. And other life skills…. “ I can recognize good and poor web design. ” *Quiz next Tuesday. What makes good web design?. Great content Great design, and Great organization. Good Work Ethic. Be on time. Don ’ t frequently call in sick to get a day off.

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Good web design

Good Web Design

And other life skills….

“I can recognize good and poor web design.”

*Quiz next Tuesday

What makes good web design
What makes good web design?

  • Great content

  • Great design, and

  • Great organization

Good work ethic
Good Work Ethic

  • Be on time.

  • Don’t frequently call in sick to get a day off.

  • Avoid the “gotta have a life” attitude…”

  • Put forth extra effort.

    • Be Proactive, You will be noticed.

    • Ask “What can I do now?”

In utah county how much can a student part time programmer in html web design make per hour
In Utah County, how much can a student, part-time programmer in HTML/Web Design make per hour?

  • $6 – 9 per hour

  • $10 – 12 per hour

  • $15 per hour

  • $20 per hour

A student tester or student computer programmer (someone who codes the “back-end” of a website), can make…

  • $6 – 9 per hour

  • $10 – 12 per hour

  • $15 per hour

  • $20 per hour

Proofread who codes the

  • Use correct grammar.

  • Use correct punctuation.

  • Check for spelling/typo errors.

  • Make sure all links work.

  • Have correct e-mail addresses.

  • Avoid fractured pictures.

Formatting guidelines
Formatting Guidelines who codes the

  • Use italics ONLY in certain situations. It may be hard to read.

  • Don’t type in ALL CAPS (shouting).

  • Use hard ruled lines sparingly.

  • Avoid blinking text and constant animated gifs.

  • Don’t use “Click Here.”

  • Avoid using under construction signs!

  • Use a subtle background texture.

Use of color
Use of Color who codes the

  • Choose pleasing color combinations.

  • Have a high contrast between text and background color.

  • Keep the same color theme through the site.

  • A white background is professional.

  • Avoid using black as a background, unless it is appropriate for the theme.

Too many hard ruled lines hr on a web page can
Too many hard ruled lines who codes the <HR /> on a web page can:

  • Make the page appear cluttered

  • Take your eyes off the page

  • NOT very useful in separating many topics or paragraphs; better to use tables.

Backgrounds who codes the

  • White is the MOST professional and used often by business web sites.

  • A good rule of thumb is to use a WHITE background.

  • If you are going to use texture or a picture as a background, it should be very light and not distract from the contents on the web page.

Never have your body text this color why
Never have your body text this color: who codes the WHY?

  • White

  • Grey

  • Blue

  • Orange

Avoid text that
Avoid text that …. who codes the

  • Is italicized

  • Is Grey

  • Is blinking

Additional things to consider
Additional Things to Consider who codes the

  • Is the cutting edge technology right for the site?

  • Sounds, scrolling java, and animations can get annoying.

  • View your page on different machines and different browsers.

  • Make sure the style of the web page fits the subject matter.

  • Graphics must have a purpose, don’t use them just because they are “cool” or look “cool.”

Additional things to consider continued
Additional Things to Consider--Continued who codes the

  • Reading flows from top to bottom, left to right.

  • Have consistent graphics and text analogies.

  • Does the site entice people to buy the product/service?

  • Within 5 seconds, the reader should know the topic of the page.

  • Will the viewers have the necessary plugin?