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Club Organisation

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Club Organisation
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Club Organisation

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  1. Club Organisation North England Conference Pathfinder Basic Staff Training (Part 1)

  2. Module Objective • To introduce basic procedures and policies relevant to the establishment and maintenance of an Adventurer or Pathfinder club

  3. Organising A Club • If you would like to start either an Adventurer or Pathfinder club in your church you should first speak to your Pastor about it.

  4. Organising A Club • If your Pastor is in agreement he or she will take the matter to the church board for approval. • The church clerk should then write to the Conference Director to confirm the decision.

  5. Organising A Club • The Adventurer or Pathfinder club leadership is chosen by the Nominating Committee. • All other staff should be approved by the Church Board for Child Protection reasons.

  6. Organising A Club • Both the Adventurer Club Director and the Pathfinder Club Director are members of the Church Board.

  7. Club Organisation • The club director is responsible to the Church Board for all internal matters such as the management of its funds and staff.

  8. Club Organisation • The club director is also responsible to the Pathfinder Area Coordinator for conformity to standards, technical issues and safe working practice.

  9. Club Organisation • The club director is the chair of the Club Executive Committee. This includes: • Deputy Director • Secretary • Treasurer • Chaplain

  10. Club Organisation • The club director is also chair of the Club Staff Committee which includes: • Executive Committee • Junior Counsellors • Counsellors • Instructors

  11. Club Director • The club director is the Responsible Person and should be no younger than 18 years old.

  12. Club Director • Ideally, they should hold Pathfinder Leadership Award prior to appointment however, if not, they should be committed to achieving it as soon as possible.

  13. Club Director • The club director ensures the smooth running of the club. • Ensuring sufficient staff and resources are available. • Ensuring appropriate preparation for planned activities.

  14. Deputy Director • As the title suggests a deputy assumes the responsibilities of the club director. • The club director may delegate certain tasks and responsibilities to their deputy.

  15. Secretary • The secretary records all decisions made; writes letters on behalf of the club; ensures all registration, medical, and child protection information is up to date.

  16. Treasurer • The treasurer manages the finances of the club. • Clubs cannot open a separate bank account however, the Church Board may agree to open an account on the clubs behalf.

  17. Chaplain • The chaplain organises the worship programme for the club. They give Bible studies and provides spiritual support to the club members & club staff and their families.

  18. Unit Counsellor • The unit counsellor is responsible for the well-being of the unit members with the following ratio of counsellors to unit members: • Pre-Adventurers 1:4 • Adventurers 1:6 • Pathfinder 1:8

  19. Junior Counsellor • Junior counsellors assist counsellors. • Club staff under 18 years old and new club staff in their first year with the club should be considered junior counsellors and not given full responsibilities.

  20. Instructor • Instructors refer to those who teach the classwork throughout the club year and also to those who are invited to teach a particular skills such as stars, or knot-tying.

  21. Area Coordinator • Area coordinators represent the Conference Pathfinder Director. • Coordinators ensure that the teachers teach the curriculum in an enjoyable, creative and meaningful way.

  22. Area Coordinator • Coordinators ensure that all club administration is up to date.

  23. Area Coordinator • Coordinators check the folders of the club members prior to investiture and approve the purchase for investiture badges.

  24. Area Coordinator • Coordinators can also be called upon the teach a class in their particular areas of knowledge.

  25. Uniform • Wearing the uniform makes the Adventurer & Pathfinder clubs real and visible both to club members and to those who see them.

  26. Uniform • The uniform should always be neat and tidy and worn at: • Club meetings • Church services (when participating) • Public gatherings

  27. Uniform • Please refer to your workbook for a description of each uniform.

  28. Induction Service • After the beginning of the club year, when all the new members of the club have settled and gotten their uniforms together the club director should plan an induction service to welcome them.

  29. Investiture Service • The highlight of the club year is the investiture service. • Here the club members and staff receive the rewards for all the hard work they have done.

  30. Investiture Service • Some club members may not have completed all of their work by the investiture service however, they should be recognised for the work that they have done.

  31. Investiture Service • Every club should hold an investiture each year. • There is nothing more disheartening to a child or young person than to have worked and receive nothing for it.

  32. Investiture Service • We do not humiliate children and young people by holding them back a year if they did not complete their work. • Each child or young person should be kept in the appropriate class for their age.

  33. Club Year • The club year can start either in September or January however, it should follow the school year.

  34. Club Year

  35. Club Year

  36. Club Year • Each club year is divided into a minimum of 20 regular club meetings plus other activities and events.

  37. Staff Development • The club’s greatest assets are its staff. • Guides and new members of staff should be encouraged to become Master Guides. • A Pathfinder today, a leader tomorrow.

  38. Staff Development

  39. Staff Development • The Master Guides within each club assist the Conference Director to train new Master Guides and PLA’s

  40. Finances • Clubs will receive a budget from the local church however, this usually needs to be supplemented.

  41. Finances • It is usual for clubs to charge a registration fee to cover such expenses as club insurance. • It is also usual for clubs to charge a fee for each club meeting.

  42. Finances • Other charges will include club or Conference camporee, transport to events and activities and for investiture badges.

  43. Club Insurance • All club members and staff are required to have club insurance. • The names of all those to be insured must be sent to the Conference office by latest 1st March each year.

  44. First Aid • At every club meeting or activity a suitable first aider must be present with an appropriate first aid kit for the size of group and the nature of the activity.

  45. Emergency Contact Details • At every club meeting or activity the leader and the first aider should have a copy of the emergency contact details of parents and emergency services.

  46. Club Organisation North England Conference Pathfinder Basic Staff Training (Part 1)