a success story from ippf en n.
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A success story from IPPF EN PowerPoint Presentation
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A success story from IPPF EN

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A success story from IPPF EN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A success story from IPPF EN
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  1. A success story from IPPF EN YSAFE Network – Youth Sexual Awareness for Europe EPF Autumn Regional Advocacy Seminar for Patient Leaders Budapest, Hungary 25-27 October 2010

  2. What is YSAFE? Youth Sexual Awareness For Europe Young volunteers/staff at Member Associations of IPPF EN Over 100 members from 41 MAs Established in 2006 IPPF EN

  3. Establishing the YSAFE Network – Why? • Involve Young People (YP) in IPPF EN decision making and implementation of projects • Strengthen youth participation in MAs • Improve exchange of skills, information, experience, sharing ideas and networking among YP • Provide YP with SRHR knowledge and skills • Increase opportunities for YP to participate in SRHR initiatives across the region IPPF EN

  4. Establishing the YSAFE Network – How? • First discussed in March 2005 at youth participation workshop • Consultations with youth groups and YP; 2006 Launch meeting with YP • Members: YP under 25 actively involved with their MA, over 25 interested parties • Challenges: Involve YP in MA governance bodies • Challenges: Recruit and maintain active young volunteers IPPF EN

  5. The role of YP in the governance, the management of the network and the implementation of activities • 20% YP on IPPF EN governance • YP are active in different ways in the MAs: on governance, as advocates, in administration, running youth centers, implementing activities • 5 members of YSAFE SC Committee are YP • YSAFE Coordinator is YP IPPF EN

  6. Activities of YSAFE : SAFE II • SAFE II aims to enhance the SRHR of all youth across Europe • Policy • Research • Good Practice • Youth Participation • Stakeholder IPPF EN

  7. Activities of YSAFE : Youth Link • Goal: build a youth movement for SRHR • Kick-off with trainings to develop knowledge skills to address questions on SRHR issues & advocacy • Creation of statement on CSE & PLWHIV • Presence at conference and meetings to make interventions IPPF EN

  8. Activities of YSAFE : Joining forces • Build SRHR advocacy skills of YP from North and South • Building capacities to advocate for Overseas Development Aid in the European context • Advocate for support to SRHR in European Commission development aid at the EU/ACP JPA in Kigali • YSAFE and YAM host an SRHR side meeting at the EU-ACP JPA in Slovenia • YSAFE and YAM attended EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) held in Prague IPPF EN

  9. Activities of YSAFE : I ♥ Being a Girl Project • Project of YSAFE SC and YSAFE members • May – October 2010 • “We believe that girls who are informed, life-skilled, aware and empowered will live a fulfilling life” • Video testimonials of young girls on YouTube • Blog: videos, stories, pictures, contributions IPPF EN

  10. Examples of benefits coming from YSAFE • MAs project organized and led by YP • Macedonia: “Decide” Short movie showing how good practices affect girls decisions to become or not become pregnant • Czech Republic: Prima Gynda – Youth friendly gynecologists • Poland: SRHR trainings for medical students IPPF EN

  11. Key take-home message • Mainstream Youth Participation in all aspects • Involve YP in decision making processes, creation and implementation projects • “Nothing about us without us” IPPF EN

  12. Questions? IPPF EN