The intelligent magnifying glass to be used by millions
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The Intelligent magnifying Glass To be used by Millions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Intelligent magnifying Glass To be used by Millions. September 2010. We Understand the Problem Domain. Majority of the age realted Populattion requires readind aids. Current low tech magnifiers date back to 1500s The useful one are difficult to store

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Presentation Transcript
The intelligent magnifying glass to be used by millions

The Intelligent magnifying GlassTo be used by Millions

September 2010

We understand the problem domain
We Understand the Problem Domain

  • Majority of the age realtedPopulattion requires readind aids.

  • Current low tech magnifiers date back to 1500s

    • The useful one are difficult to store

    • Plastic Fresnel lens are use less

    • Zone24x7 Principals worked at Totally Blindness product

    • Zone24x7 Have developed aids for partially sighted

    • Zone24x7 were granted a NIH SBIR [roporsal to develop products


  • Problem Domain

  • Tomorrow’s Technology into Current Landscape

  • Current Trendy Display Technologies

  • Zone24x7 Experience & Illustrations

  • Green Mode Operation

  • Color Coordination for Better Shopping Experience

We understand the problem domain1
We Understand the Problem Domain

  • How to make a Small Store a BIG Store?

  • Restricted amount of Furniture in the Small Stores

  • Cannot justify to increase staff

  • Enthusiasts may not use the system with the current commission structure – First hand experience of Zone24x7 along with problem analysis

    The small Stores also should still remain

Tomorrow s technology into current landscape
Tomorrow‘s Technology into Current Landscape

  • No need to increase staff

  • Use current content creation and delivery mechanisms at ‘Surf Zones’ – Adobe Scene 7

  • Create very positive and state-of-the-art purchasing experience

  • Increase virtual availability of items

  • During rush hours/holidays the Kiosk can serve as a Self Checkout

Zone24x7 experience and core competencies
Zone24x7 Experience and Core Competencies

  • Zone24x7Have an Image processing Advisory Board comprising of industry veterans

  • Zone24x7Image rendering and Noise filtering for QR Code

  • Zone24x7Retail centric Advisory Board

  • Zone24x7OCR Error Correction Algorithms

  • Zone24x7Token Signature generation for Business Card – Merchandise Association

  • Zone24x7Award winning Matrix24x7 integration for remote diagnostics

  • Pioneers in Innovation

Current technology self serve kiosks
Current Technology - Self Serve Kiosks

Table Top/Wall Mounting

Pedestal Enclosures

Enhanced and trendy display technologies
Enhanced and Trendy Display Technologies

  • Various kiosk offerings:

    • NCR

    • Surface Computing enabled Technology products from reputable vendors

  • Innovative interaction mechanisms to reduce the need for peripherals

  • Use of readily available technology for service enhancement

  • ‘Surf Zone’ for improved user experience:

    • Experience in using MS Surface Technology

    • Surface computing from Zone24x7 at a fraction of the cost!

      Total GREENHybrid Solution

Zone24x7 unique proposition
Zone24x7 Unique Proposition

Title & Biometric Information

Encryption Keys

QR Codes used for Title Management

Custom Macys QR code

Indicates position and items in surrounding area

Uses Current Msign software to print signs

Big ticket experience walkthrough
Big Ticket Experience Walkthrough

Take a picture


Key in the SKU number

Use your phone to capture preferred Big Ticket items

Indicates location and items in that area.

* Blackerry, iPhone, Android phone tag readers will be available

Surf zone kiosk for item detailing inquiry
Surf Zone Kiosk for Item Detailing/Inquiry

Hold the image in front of the Kiosk

Personalize the inquiry by holding

Macys Credit Card

Kiosk loads the item details


Driver License/Business Card

Use the captured information to load item details and personalize the item inquiry

Surf zone customer check out options
Surf Zone Customer Check Out Options

MCCS (Call Center)

VOIP Call with Video


Associate assisted


Self check-out


Present the Macys Loyalty Card OR Driver’s License to identify the required items and generate the bill

Traditional check-out

Solution advantages
Solution Advantages

  • More than a decade of experience working with MST/ Systems

  • Surface Computing/Multi Touch based rich interactivity

  • Novel Big Ticket / POS interaction

    • Uses innovative imaging techniques

    • Eliminates the need of traditional Bar Code Scanners, Printers, MSR Readers..

    • PCI compliance, Card Present Transaction

  • Call Center Smart Agent Plug-In using MATRIX24x7 for remote customer support r

    • Reduces the need for in-store client support associates

  • Surf Zone usage Tutorial functionality

Complete green solution
Complete GREEN Solution

  • Innovative business process resulting in an end-to-end paperless application

  • Eliminates the use of external peripherals and reduces power drain

  • Virtual inventory integrated with inventory of other stores avoids the need for travel to find goods

Zone24x7 partners innovation network
Zone24x7 Partners – Innovation Network

Compression Labs

Dewey Color Systems





Innovation Network

Kiosk Hardware Vendors





Compression labs content security protection and delivery
Compression Labs: Content Security, Protection and Delivery

  • Alliances with leading Silicon Valley companies pioneering in content security

  • Close working relationships with ITU committee on media content protection and delivery including implementing H 265 standard

  • Prior experience in content delivery and content protection as well as content creation

  • Experience in implementing “3 Screen – Follow Me” technology for the Web, Smart phone and TV providing a seamless experience

Emsense quantitative neuroscience metrics
EmSense: Quantitative Neuroscience Metrics

  • “Where she looks, what she process and how she feels” - All linked to purchase behavior

  • A window to the mind of the consumer

  • Capture the emotional involvement of consumers

  • Mobile eye tracking

Color coordination for better shopping experience
Color Coordination for better shopping experience

  • Dewey Sadka - Expert on color, Zone24x7 Consultant

  • Color - How it impacts interest, personality and perceptions

  • Color Coordination System – Developed to maximize sales

  • Assist customers in selecting the best colors for items to be purchased

    • Fact based decisions - Less indecision

    • Expert color choices – Macy’s provides customers with “BEST” look

    • Coordination - Using selected items, sample or picture

    • Up sale opportunities by recommending accessories that would go well with other select items

Implementation road map
Implementation Road Map

  • Phase 1

    • Functionality

      • Look up inventory (local and virtual) using existing functionality in

      • Item Inquiry and Personalized inquiry

      • Shopping Cart and Check out Process

      • Integration with Surf Zone Smart Phone imaging modules

      • Deploy Call Center Smart Agent Plug-in using MATRIX24x7

      • Surface Navigation capability

  • Phase 2 – based on progress and feedback

    • Potential areas of focus

      • Color Based Merchandise Up-selling - Dewey Color System

      • Content Delivery and Security - Compression Labs,

      • Quantitative Neuroscience Metrics - Emsense

  • Phase 3

    • 3D Room Modeling