Regional climate action plan hia
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Regional Climate Action Plan HIA. Steering Committee Meeting No. 3 November 19 th 10:30-11:13 AM. Meeting Agenda. Introduction Literature Review Stakeholder Engagement Plan Assessment Next Steps Adjourn. Meeting Attendees. Present: Debora Kerr (DK) Ephrat Yovel (EY)

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Regional climate action plan hia

Regional Climate Action Plan HIA

Steering Committee Meeting No. 3

November 19th 10:30-11:13 AM

Meeting agenda
Meeting Agenda

  • Introduction

  • Literature Review

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan

  • Assessment

  • Next Steps

  • Adjourn

Meeting attendees
Meeting Attendees


Debora Kerr (DK)

EphratYovel (EY)

Meredith Jagger (MJ)

Anamarie Garces (AG)

Nancy Gassman (NG)

Sally Pope (SP)

Vicki Boguszewski (VB)

Karen Hamilton (KH)

Gino D. Marinucci (GM)

Keren Bolter (KB)


Jennifer Jurado (JJ)

Nicole Hernandez Hammer (NH)

Sandra Whitehead (SaW)

Introduction 10 30 am
Introduction10:30 AM

  • Role call (DK)

  • Discussion points from Oct. SC meeting and SC feedback from this meeting addressed and incorporated. (DK)

  • PowerPoints and webcasts will be made available from the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit. (DK, NG)

Literature review 10 36 am
Literature Review10:36 AM

  • DK: MJ comments incorporated into literature review draft.

  • VB: Consider including public health messaging in the Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies section. AG suggested approach: mention the evidence of effective public health messaging in the lit review section; then provide recommendations later in the report of how to apply messages to climate change and suggest methods for effective translation to the community at large.

  • GM: NIH climate and heath literature bibliography good resource to review for HIA literature review.

Stakeholder engagement plan 10 45 am
Stakeholder Engagement Plan10:45 AM

  • AG: Have received most of Tier 1 surveys (goal: 200).

  • AG: Focus through end of November on widespread dissemination of Tier 2 survey.

  • DK: Two upcoming focus groups. Nov. 21st FG at Lakeside Hospital in Palm Beach County, 12 individuals recruited. Nov. 25th FG in Monroe County.

  • KH: Question on how tier 2 and 3 will reach people who don’t have access to or use online media.

  • AG: This was suggested and will be included as a limitation in the HIA.

  • DK: Will have call with DK, AG, KH, KB, and SP about reaching this population.

Assessment 11 02 am
Assessment11:02 AM

  • AG: Assessment has begun, research questions developed and working with the research group.

  • NG: Clarification on the meaning of “value” in QALYs research question.

  • AG: Value will show how adopting these strategies will have effects on the community. Assessment won’t look at each recommendation individually, but the categories that each recommendation are in. Narrative will be provided for each category, including the value.

  • GM: When assessing QALYs, be aware of which interpretation of mitigating strategies we’re talking about.

  • MJ: Will share PDF and web recording of BRACE meeting on methodologies of gathering baseline climate and health data.

Assessment 11 02 am1
Assessment11:02 AM

  • VB: CRA, Step 1- ACHA data collection for Monroe County can be limited due to too few data points compared to other jurisdictions. Florida Health Tracking website may be good source.

  • MJ: Will be able to assist in collecting raw data numbers.

Next steps 11 10 am
Next Steps 11:10 AM

  • Next meeting Dec. 17th, 10:30-11:30 AM

  • Materials will be sent to SC on Dec. 10th for review:

    • Draft of all 3 steps of Assessment Plan

    • Draft of community engagement assessment

    • CRA research protocol

Adjourn 11 13 am
Adjourn11:13 AM

Thank you!