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When to Use a PC Pump PowerPoint Presentation
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When to Use a PC Pump

When to Use a PC Pump

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When to Use a PC Pump

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  1. When to Use a PC Pump

  2. 'PC pump' is short for progressive cavity pump, a pump that's used in many different applications, often in industrial work settings. One of the many benefits of using these types of pumps over other positive displacement pumps is that it's abrasion resistant. Let's take a closer look at PC pumps and their applications.

  3. PC versus Centrifugal Pumps Centrifugal pumps are a popular choice because they're economical and will last when used in applications where the fluid being pumped is water-like, or has a low viscosity. What's more is that centrifugal pumps are best used when there's a fixed flow rate?

  4. PC pumps, on the other hand, are great for situations where the fluid being pumped has a high viscosity. In fact, whereas a centrifugal pump will work less efficiently, using more energy, a PC pump works more efficiently and uses less energy the more viscous the fluid.

  5. Another benefit of the PC pump is that it maintains its flow rate, even as the viscosity increases, but it's also possible to vary the flow, if desired. This means that PC pumps are ideally suited for applications where the viscosity of the fluid changes, but you need to maintain the flow rate, and by the same token, in environments where you need to adjust the flow rate. You can vary the flow rate simply by changing the speed of the pump.

  6. PC pumps are also often the pump of choice when there's low suction pressure, so when a centrifugal pump fails to fill and pump, the PC pump will succeed.

  7. Applications with Abrasive Solids Although PC pumps are well suited for use in many different applications, perhaps its best use is in applications where there are abrasive solids. While most positive displacement pumps can't pump solids for long because their designs make them susceptible to wear, a PC pump's rotor and stator design makes it more resistant to abrasion.

  8. What Sets this Pump Apart What makes the PC pump better suited for pumping abrasive materials is its design; instead of sending the fluid around the outside of a casing, it flows axially. What's more is that the stator is rubber, meaning that solids can move past the stator with abrading.

  9. If you're looking to add a PC pump to your work environment, contact Lifting Solutions, leaders in the production system industry. This company is equipped to optimize your lift systems, no matter your work requirements or environment. For more information, check out their website.