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Social Network Analysis

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Social Network Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Network Analysis. MittiCool. Pressure cooker Espresso Coffee Maker. Bicycle with Conservation of Kinetic energy. Chintan Vinod Shinde. *. *(Lin, 2002). Concept Map. Why Social Network Analysis?. Understanding dynamics of information flow Identifying important actors

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social network analysis

Social Network Analysis


Pressure cooker Espresso Coffee Maker

Bicycle with Conservation of Kinetic energy

Chintan Vinod Shinde



*(Lin, 2002)

Concept Map

why social network analysis
Why Social Network Analysis?
  • Understanding dynamics of information flow
  • Identifying important actors
  • Leveraging the best out of existing network
    • Faster and efficient information diffusion
    • Greater control over data flow
we are looking for
We are looking for….
  • Pollinators: Stars of the network
    • Not necessarily the most popular
    • A good pollinator has more number of pollinators down stream
    • Many ways of identifying critical actors
  • Bridges: Important connections.
    • May not have a diverse sub-network, but connect to other critical actors
parameters for pollinators
Parameters for Pollinators
  • Number of outward connections: measured using the metric, out-degree.
  • Diversity:
    • A measure of the degree to which the actor can spread the data.
    • Measured using the betweenness centrality.
  • No of prominent actors downstream
    • Measured by eigen vector centrality
  • Depth: Depth is defined here to signify how much distance (in terms of degrees of separation) the information can flow thru an actor.
    • The smaller the closeness centrality the more isolated(or distant) from the network, the actor is.
    • Can be measured by the negative value of the closeness centrality of the most distant actor in the network.
  • Density: Dense network in one city

Pressure cooker Espresso Coffee Maker





New Delhi

City wise information flow


Pressure cooker Espresso Coffee Maker

Source- Vany Nagpal

Ashok kumar khadia

GTU Innovation Council

Sharad Purohit

Anil Sharma

Jeetendra Jeet

Some important pollinators

potential outputs
Potential Outputs…

An algorithm which identifies each of the key elements in the network

Characteristics of key actors.

Targeted Diffusion through identified key actors