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P O L A N D. TRADITIONAL POLISH FOOD. Traditional polish dish. Dumplindgs. Bigos. Traditional polish soup. Broth. Czernina. Traditional polish cake. Sękacz. POLISH MUSIC. &. SHOWS. Haineken Open’er Festival.

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  1. P O L A N D


  3. Traditional polish dish Dumplindgs Bigos

  4. Traditional polish soup Broth Czernina

  5. Traditional polish cake Sękacz


  7. Haineken Open’er Festival Open'er Festival - music festival held in Gdynia since 2003. The first festival was held in Warsaw in 2002, as the Open Air Festival. The event is a concert agency Alter Art, the main sponsor of the festival - Heinken beer producer. The next edition of the festival will be held June 30 - July 3 2011

  8. Przystanek Woodsock Music festival organized by the Foundation Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy from money received from sponsors and from bank interest charged for any of the accounts of money collected during finals.The name "Woodstock", as it says Jurek Owsiak, the legend grew from the Woodstock era and atmosphere of the flower children. However, the word „przystanek" refers to the popular television series Przystanek Alaska.In principle, this event is to thank volunteers for their work, especially during finals. The festival is completely free for spectators, while the artists playing at the next edition of getting reimbursement for coming to the festival - a symbolic 100 zlotys for person.The festival attracts many Germans and German teams are invited, and the citizens of this country exercise the German police and medical services.

  9. IRA (Latin anger) - Polish rock band formed in November 1987 in Radom by guitarist Kuba Płucisza. IRA is one of the most popular and most "blockbuster" Polish bands playing a lighter variety of heavy metal in 1990. They have three gold and one platinum album. CDs: ,, Mój dom” (1993 year) and ,,IRA Live” up to several thousands copies, which enabled the group to advance rapidly to the forefront of Polish rock music. With such success, the band had the opportunity to appear on many of the largest rock festivals in the country, including three times at the Festival in Jarocin, at the Woodstock Festival and the Festival of Departures. Tracks from the CD debuted on the list of hits in Polish Radio Program 3.

  10. Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin (born February 22 or March 1 1810 in Żelazowa Wola and died October 17, 1849 in Paris) - Polish composer and pianist.Representative of the music of the Romantic period, called the poet of the piano. At the root of his work was lying artistic sensibility and ability to draw patterns of Polish folk music. His friend and companion of life was the writer George Sand.

  11. Polish inventions

  12. Cryptology bomb Cryptology bomb, Rejewski’s bomb - mechanical-electrical device designed by Polish cryptographers: Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski to automatically ciphertexts breaking the German Enigma machine.Uniqueness of the device consisted of both the mechanical concept of breaking ciphers, as well as the exceptional mathematical concepts, which used the Polish cryptographers to break the supposedly impossible to crack the encryption mechanism.

  13. OIL LAMP It designed by Ignacy Lukasiewicz in 1853. Was the result of the work on the distillation of crude oil. This discovery had a direct impact on the development of the petroleum industry.

  14. Polish legends

  15. Lech, Czech and Rus Long time ago, three brothers - Lech, Czech and Rus went forfind new lands for himself and his people. Many days they penetrated the wilderness. Finally, they reached the lake. There, on a background of red, sunset, they saw a white eagle soaring. After a while in the branches of the oak also saw an eagle's nest. Lech so impressed that sight that he decided to settle in this place. He built a castle there, which he called Gniezno. As a symbol of his people adopted the white eagle on a red background. However, Czech and Rus wandered away. Bohemia settled in the south and east Rus. Formed the country: the Czech Republic and Russia.

  16. Wars and Sawa Long ago, when our country is covered with impassable wilderness, in the very heart of the Vistula river lived a young fisherman named Wars. He was a man, hardworking and cheerful, so conducive to happiness to him. Hewed same boat, often sailed on the half and never came back empty-handed. Especially liked the night trips when the river reigned undisturbed peace and moon glow enveloped the world.Once, when hidden in the reeds waiting for the nets for a catch, he noticed lovely, longhaired girl whose body was from the middle fish tail. Siren unaware that anyone looking at her, she began to sing. At the sound of her voice fisherman fell in love at first sight. Since then, every night he wanted to see her, so he hid in the reeds and napawał her beauty and singing. Finally he decided to reveal and confess her love. It turned out that the fisherman was also not indifferent to the siren. Wars had asked her to marry him and she agreed and took the name Sava. Consent to marriage of sirens with the man made the fish tail was turned into legs.Soon, in a cottage by the river sumptuous wedding held Wars and Sawa, and they lived happily ever after surrounded by respectful people. After years around their house was a large fishing village, which was named in their memory of Warsaw. That is how the nucleus of our capital.

  17. THEEND

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