Introduction to contracts and their formation
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Introduction to Contracts and Their Formation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Contracts and Their Formation. “It’s a deal, I’ll take it”. OBE-118, Section 10 Fall 2004. These four are sometimes called the elements. “Defenses” to Formation. Basic Elements of a Contract. Usually looked at as six elements Agreement (or “Mutual Assent”)

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Introduction to Contracts and Their Formation

“It’s a deal, I’ll take it”

OBE-118, Section 10

Fall 2004

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These four are sometimes called the elements

“Defenses” to Formation

Basic Elements of a Contract

Usually looked at as six elements

Agreement (or “Mutual Assent”)




Genuineness of assent

Writing and Form

Classifying contracts l.jpg
Classifying Contracts

  • Bilateral versus Unilateral

  • Express versus Implied

  • Formal versus Informal

  • Valid, Void, Voidable, and Unenforceable

Formation l.jpg

  • Mutual Agreement or Mutual Assent

  • Requires acceptance of an offer

  • The “objective theory of contracts” resolves issues as to what was an offer,

Offer l.jpg

Basic Elements of an offer

  • Serious objective intent by offeror

  • Terms reasonable definite and certain

  • Offer communicated to offeree

  • No: “ Want to buy my car?”

  • “My car is for sale”

  • ‘I want to sell my 2000 BMW for $40,000”

Acceptance l.jpg

  • Voluntary act that expresses assent or agreement to terms of offer

  • Unequivocal or absolute

  • Communicated to the offeror

No: “Maybe”

“Okay but only if…”

“Yes if you increase the the price by…”

Did the offer survive to be accepted l.jpg
Did the Offer Survive to be Accepted?

Offer Terminated?






Operation of Law?

Was offer non-revocable?

Revocation of offers l.jpg

Revocation of Offers

  • Direct repudiation

  • Behavior conforming to repudiation

  • Generally, revocation must be received by offeror or offeror’s agent.

  • Irrevocable offers

Firm Offers

Option contract

Termination by rejection l.jpg

Termination by Rejection

  • Words or acts that convey “no”

Termination by Counteroffer

  • A rejection with a new offer

  • Watch out for inquiries: “Would you accept $50?

  • Mirror-image rule (common law)

Termination by operation of law l.jpg

Termination by Operation of Law

  • Lapse of time

  • Destruction of Subject matter

  • Death or incompetence of offeror

  • Illegality of proposed contract