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Home Browse Search Invite Blog Music News Events. MyLitspace. Add Picture. “If it be love indeed, tell me how much.” Cleopatra Female 42 years old EGYPT. Cleopatra’s Blog #1:

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Add Picture

“If it be love

indeed, tell

me how




42 years old


Cleopatra’s Blog #1:

Antony shall not lose again to Caesar; for my fleet was not at fault for fleeing the battle! Antony lets love

confuse up his emotions! Though his aura is quite lovely, I think he ought to challenge Caesar to yet another battle,

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Cleopatras Blog #2:

Karma serves to pour pain into thy spirit, thus trapping cruelties. I shall explain to myself to MyLitspacers. For I faked my own death to make Antony feel sorrow. O, this event disrupted my life in such a way that it will never be the same! After my king stabbed himself, Caesar and his men captured me as a prisoner.  O, thy spirit and thy pride, crushed by Caesar, shall be showed off to all of Rome. This is a huge misunderstanding -thus I realize the consequences of my actions. I shall get what I deserve, but don't mistake yourselves; for I am still the Queen of Egypt, thus if you have the desire to comment my blog, it shall be done with RESPECT!

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Respect; Aretha Franklin

Character’s Interests:

General: Macedonian descent, equal to men rulers, dramatic, loyal, seductive

Music: R&B/soul, jazz, pop

Television: Real world Blind-date and soap operas

Books: any Romance novels

Character’s Details:

Status: Married

Here for: Friendships, servants, followers

Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Alexandria, Egypt

Family:Ptolemy XII (father),

Ptolemy XIII (brother),Caesarion(son)

Education: Royal knowledge

Occupation: Queen of Egypt

Cleoptra has 3,098,567 friends View all

ANTONY Charmian Iras

My dearest queen- It will not be long before I will be at the

presence of my beautiful queen.I will soon return to Egypt at once

for you know that no man can fill my shoes in thy fields of love and

bravery. Yourmost noble Antony


Dearest Queen Cleopatra, It is with great honor acting Faithful and

loyal to such a powerful woman. I thank you again for making my

life worth living.


Queen Cleopatra: as Charmian said, “I thank you again for making

my life worth living.” Only a woman like you could make even

Antony under an everlasting love spell. Comment back if you wish-



Most sweet queen, Where are you? The gods best know I will soon

see you, my precious queen. Yours forever, ANTONY

ANTONY View All 17,982 Comments


My Litspace: Octavius Caesar

“It’s a monstrous labour when I wash my brain and it grows fouler.”

Dearest Litspace,

Today the most peculiar thing happened. I was speaking with my generals of our plan to defeat Mark Antony when Enobarbus, Antony’s right hand man, charged right into my tent and in utter seriousness declared his wishes to join our camp because he has lost faith in Antony’s ability to govern his troops responsibly. Well, if he is right it will surely save some of my men from unnecessary battle. Until next time, Caesar.

Caesar’s Interests: Governing the Roman EmpireGeneral: Politics, War, etc.Music: HarpsTelevision: Too busyBooks: Homer’s Iliad and OdysseyCharacter’s Details: Enjoys debating at assemblies and long walks through conquered lands. Married: Clodia Pulchra, Scribonia, Livia DrusillaHere for: AlliancesOrientation: StraightHometown: RomeFamily: Gaius Octavius, Atia Balba Caesonia, OctaviaEducation: College of Pontiffs GraduateOccupation: Triumvir of Roman Empire

Dearest Litspace,

You will not believe what happened today. Enobarbus died. He just died. He was okay and then he was dead. At least that is what my night watchmen tell me and they seem like trustworthy fellows, perhaps I’ll kill them anyway, one can never be too sure. That Enobarbus though, he must have felt terrible about betraying his best friend and deserting to his master’s enemy. But, I’m sure it was the preparing to destroy him in battle part that must have really hit him hard. I suppose he tried to be loyal to Antony, goodness knows Antony was showing signs of weakness before I locked up Lepidus. Poor, loyal Enobarbus. I saw the signs. Until next time, Caesar.


1) Hey, Caesar I just wanted to let you know that we’re having a little trouble down here with Antony’s Forces. They seem to be a bit stronger than we first anticipated, but don’t worry or anything I’m sure it’s nothing we can’t handle. Hail Caesar, Agrippa

2) Um, Caesar. Mother called the other day and she wants you to bring the sacrificial ox to the party, not the lamb, okay? Any it’s on Tuesday. And I don’t want to forget, Antony told me to tell you that if you surrender now he’ll let you keep some of your property in the islands. Call soon, Octavia.

 Agrippa

 Octavia

defeat at actium
Defeat at Actium

The defeat at Actium should not have occurred. We had “home field advantage” and superior soldiers. We were defeated because of a series of mistakes on my part. First, I engaged with Caesar at sea instead of on land. My army were at their best with their feet firmly on the ground. The next mistake was allowing my love, Cleopatra, to accompany her fleet into battle. A woman should not be in battle. That was made evident when she fled towards the shore. And, as my final blunder, I followed her. And left my men amidst chaos without command.


Cleopatra is the love of my life. I have had many lovers and a few wives but she is unlike any other woman I have ever known. But I have learned a few things about life through my experiences with her. For one, I have learned that women do not belong in battle. At Actium she cost me the battle and my honour. Her cowardice convinced her to flee. And it is perfectly fine for herself to lack bravery because she is a woman but putting her in battle was a mistake. The true lesson I learned from Actium though is that I cannot allow myself to follow anything but my reason in battle. There is too much at stake to leave my decisions up to my passion


-My Litspaces-

Crystal Ball

A soothsayer gave me my fortune today, it was great fun! He foretold that I shall be beautiful in my old age and bear as many children as I wish! He also foretold that I shall outlive Cleopatra…which I find peculiar. I wish he had foreseen me bathed in riches, but alas I’m not so lucky.

“I love long life as much as figs.”


Of the fair



Add Picture


I will never allow myself to be wrapped around someone’s little pinky finger such as Cleopatra has Antony. I told my lady today that maybe she should not cross him so; manipulating him in such ways cannot be healthy for the man! What did my lady say? “Thou teachest like a fool; the way to lose him.” I have come to learn that love is not at all a selfless act. It is all done in self interest. One does not fawn and sigh for another person because it benefits them, wanting a person all to yourself at the sacrifice at nothing is the most selfish whim one can have.

Walk Like An Egyptian: The Bangles

vCharacter’s Interests v


Parties, Figs, Cleopatra, long hot days among the Nile.


Beautifully played from the harp.


Is there such a thing?


How I love a good tragedy

vCharacter’s Details v



eHere for: Serving the Goddess Cleopatra

eOrientation: I lean toward caring for men but I serve and admire Cleopatra.

eHometown: I was birthed in Egypt.

eFamily: None that I know

eEducation: An intelligent woman.

eOccupation: Attendant

Charmian’s friend space:



Charmian’s Friends Comments

eTragedy is in the midst be fairly warned, and keep a watchful eye on your mistress.

ehow I miss my antony! The only way that I can bear it at all is because of your company my charmian without you I would simply die!

eThough I said you shall outlive your lady, I may not have meant that makes your life a long one-- Perhaps you love her too dearly

eCharmian, accompany me at the Nile tomorrow morning. I’d love to bask in the heat and gorge on figs.


“What though you fled from that great face of war, whose several ranges frighted each other?”



Age is but a number


(vacations in Egypt)

Blog #1

Just before we were to go into battle, I said that Cleopatra should not be part of such a battle for she is not capable of fighting with our men. She was angered. Anotny allowed her to use her ships at sea, and as she retreated, would you believe it, he followed! We lost the battle. Late Antony forgave her and I decided to defect to Caesar’s command because my master had finally lost it.

Dedicated to Cleopatra

Blog #2

At first, I thought I was justified in leaving most noble Antony. He had succumbed to lust and lost all his reason and good soldier abilities. Cleopatra has changed him for the worse and he is entirely controlled by his passion. After I proved to be the wiser solider before the battle, I decided that I must leave my master and defect to the Caesar’s command. However, when Antony received word of my terrible deceit he sent good word to me as well as all my treasures and belongings. I learned to trust the judgment and sanity of my master and that I must may for my betrayal to Antony. I decided to pay for my betrayal to such an honest man by going and dying in a ditch in the the city.


General: Rarely enjoy partaking in war activities. Enjoy drinking and being merry.

Music: Enuch Classics and Harp Blues

Television: Rome on HBO

Books: How to eat and drink for dummies. Snake Charmers 101

Enobarbus’s friends:


Status: Single

Here for: Love, Ladies, Friends

Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Roma

Family: Yes

Education: Classical

Occupation: Soldier

Stone-faced Agrippa

Mark Antony

You must control Antony and make him love Octavia!

I love Cleopatra, and Egypt.

Caesar is angry over Antony’s treatment of Octavia.

How do you like Egypt?


Mark Antony

If I lose mine honour, I lose myself

Marcus Antonius




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Defeat at Actium (view more)

Cleopatra view more)

Bad Day

Daniel Powter

General: Loving Cleopatra, Governing the East, Conquering Gaul

Music: Anything but disco

Television: HBO’s Rome

Books: The Chronicles of Narnia

Movies: Gladiator

Married/Single Married

Here for: Friends

Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Rome

Family: Wives, children, lovers

Education: I studied eloquence in Greece

Occupation: triumvirate

Cleopatra Julius Caesar


Goodbye my love! I shall see you in the afterlife

Please forgive me for fleeing at Actium

I should have bewared the ides of march

Gaul has been defeated, we are going back to Rome



My Litspace

Hey man. I have a huge favor to ask of you. I’ll just wait till I see you later today though.

What it do? Boy was that party crazy or what? I never knew you could drain a pitcher like that. I bet you are feeling a bit under the weather right now. Well, I hope we can do that again soon. I sure love Egypt.

Eros! Long time no see. Probably because that Antony of yours has been spending too much time with Octavia… You better talk some sense into the man and send him back here immediately.

My boy Eros. Just dropping in to show some appreciation. You been there to help me out a lot and I don’t know what I’d do if you left. This life in Egypt is just so amazing, rejuvinating, revitalizing. IM glad you are here too… I have a feeling things just can’t get any better.





Blog #1: The day that sticks out in my mind most is the day we found out that Enobarbus had abandoned us. For one, that put me in shock, and two then Antony orders us to give Enobarbus all his possessions back that he left. That day was nothing but a big shock to me. Just to imagine that the man who betrayed us is now going to receive all his abandoned possessions. I really would like to see his reaction.

“Thus I do escape”

NAME: Eros

SEX: Male

AGE: 35


Last Login:


Blog #2: That day of Enobarbus’ betrayal really put the aspect of human relationships into perspective for me. It helped me realize how some people, such as Enobarbus, will see their self interest as more important than their loyalty to lifelong friends and leaders. Then, there are men like Antony, who, even though betrayed, still put forth the action to assist this man whom he considered his friend. Evidently, Antony is more of an admirable man, and I don’t mind standing by his side, no matter the situation. He is the type of man whom I will strive to be like. And you just may never know the consequences of going against a man like Antony.

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King Without a Crown

Eros has 3 friends.

Antony Enobarbus Cleopatra

Character’s Interests:

General: I love the joys and thrills of the festivities in Egypt, but I also love the basic and leisurely life of Rome, where I can quietly serve Antony.

Music: Mostly gangsta rap, but I enjoy most genres with a good bass line.

Television: I just absolutely love watching Gilmore Girls, Everybody loves Raymond, and Fraser.

Books: My favorite book is George Orwell’s 1984.

Character’s Details:

Married/Single: Single

Here for: Friends

Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Rome

Family: Born into slavery, freed by my boy Antony.

Education: A basic instruction in writing, reading, and arithmetic.

Occupation: I was a slave, now I exist to serve Antony.

Eros’ Friend Comments

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My Litspaces

Add Picture

You’re silhouette’s my favorite; I’m not letting go of it.

NAME Octavia

SEX- Female

AGE- 31


Character’s Blog #1:

My wedding with Antony was the most luxurious event my brother Caesar has ever thrown me! It was a wonderful event because I spent it with all of Rome, including my friends and family. It was held in our beautiful home, with the most gorgeous flowers that smelled of sweet scent. I felt like a princess; all attention was on me, which rarely ever happens. Nothing can ever make me forget that life changing day.

Character’s Blog #2:

I have learned a lot of lessons throughout my life, but nothing is more important than this specific event. I was sent back to Rome to try and attempt to alleviate the tension between my brother, Caesar, and my new husband, Antony. However, I have given up trying. My dear brother refuses to listen to me. I am nothing to him when it comes to his conflict with Antony. I have learned that one cannot really influence two power-hungry men from abandoning their dispute. Nothing can stop them, not even their wife or their beloved sister. It truly hurts my feelings that my own husband and my brother cannot get along. I am affected by it, but I prove helpless since they both care more about their power as leaders of Rome.

“Ironic”- Alanis Morissette

Character’s Interests:

General: Cooking, Yoga, Reading, Movies, Music, Running, Men

Music: Simon and Garfunkel, Sting and the Police, U2, Sheryl Crowe, Bon Jovi, Carly Simon, Coldplay, Janice Joplin

Television: Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Oprah, Rome, Survivor

Books: Sense and Sensibility, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Scarlet Letter, Catcher in the Rye, A Tale of Two Cities, Tristan and Isolde

Character’s Details:

Married/Single: Married

Here for: Friends, Fun, Experience

Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Rome

Family: Octavius Caesar, Marc Antony, Julius Caesar

Education: University of the Roman Empire - Arithmetic

Occupation: Housewife

Top 2 Friends



My dear wife, Egypt is fantastic. I wish you were here with me to share the beautiful scenery. Also, please tell your brother that there is no way I am bringing him back a gallon of Egyptian wine. It is a huge burden for my camel.


Octavia! This is a reminder. It is not ladylike of you to bring only a few guardsmen when you come to my Rome. I never want to see you enter my home if you are not accompanied by at least two dozen men.


My dear sister, how are you doing? If Antony does anything to hurt you, do not hesitate to visit me or send me a messenger. Love you.


My dear wife, I am held back in Egypt. I have tried everything I could to limit my time here, but business has been hectic, and I have been left with no choice but to extend my time here. I will see you soon.