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Converged Media - Altimeter Group Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
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Converged Media - Altimeter Group Webinar

Converged Media - Altimeter Group Webinar

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Converged Media - Altimeter Group Webinar

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  1. September 13, 2012 The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned & Earned Media Rebecca Lieb, Digital Media Analyst & Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst, Partner @lieblink @jowyang Event Hashtag#POEMedia

  2. Image by Mark Garbowskiused with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons We’re Tuning Out the Noise © 2012 Altimeter Group

  3. As consumption habits shift, brands require media ubiquity The average consumer sees c. 3,000 brand impressions a day. Media is and will continue to converge as brands are challenged to intercept this elusive customer, regardless of medium, channel or time of day

  4. Converged Media Permutations 5 FACTORS 3 FACTORS 5 FACTORS 5X3X5=75 awareness consideration intent purchase support loyalty advocacy 5 factors 3 factors 5 factors 75X7=525

  5. Investment in Earned and Owned increases in 2012 Source: Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) via eMarketer, 2012

  6. A closer look into each media type Source: Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) via eMarketer, 2012

  7. Digital Paid, Owned, and Earned media corporate website Display, banner ads microsites Sponsored posts, ads corporate blog PPC ads Pay per post blogging

  8. Now, let’s define Converged Media • Two or more channels of paid, earned, and owned media. • Consistent storyline, look, and feel. • All channels work in concert, enabling brands to reach customers throughout the customer journey © 2012 Altimeter Group

  9. Creating branded ‘surround sound’: how media types influence and enable each other • OWNED Informs innovation, creative Drives volume to brand Provides platform Provides platform • PAID • EARNED Instructs where to amplify Drives volume

  10. POP QUIZ: Which media type are Facebook and Twitter? © 2012 Altimeter Group

  11. Answer: all three! Paid: Sponsored tweets, posts, engagement ads Owned: Branded Facebook or Twitter page Brand-curated content Branded Facebook apps Earned: Fan/user-generated content posted related to brand May be on brand’s page or elsewhere

  12. What does this look like on Facebook? Paid Owned Earned

  13. What does this look like on Twitter? Owned Paid Earned

  14. Converged Media Example: Earned + Paid Earned Paid Bazaarvoice deploys paid advertisements with user ratings and reviews. Microsoft advertises with transparency; shoppers click on the ads to learn more from their peers.

  15. How Successful Brands Deploy Converged Media © 2012 Altimeter Group

  16. Glidden Paint employs a wide palette of channels, converging mediafor a streamlined brand experience © 2012 Altimeter Group

  17. Enterprise tech company pays the influencers to ignite earned, drive traffic back to owned 128 Pieces of content created by influencers 24 Influencers commissioned to create content 1.1m Social interactions 9,314 Average actions per piece of content The company paid influencers to share content Across their networks © 2012 Altimeter Group

  18. Enterprise tech company achieves converged media harmony with quality content While investing in influencers and media partners to amplify, the investment was just as much in the content itself– valuable, sharable, and on-brand.

  19. P&G tells stories of Olympian… Moms? P&G launched a globally resonant campaign to support more than 150 athletes and their mothers, across 34 brands. In just a few months since launching, multiple video ads have received more than 5 million views and the Thank You Mom Facebook page has over 750,000 likes in the U.S. alone.

  20. P&G ties in product imagery with brand message and campaign story © 2012 Altimeter Group

  21. ClearChannel integrates online and offline channels to ‘make the audience the media’ Converging media through digital billboards, gesture recognition, and social media interaction, ClearChannel combines offline media with online to drive attention, engagement, (advertiser interest), and a summer-long sweepstakes.

  22. Uniqlo partners with an unlikely online ‘influencer’ to promote flagship store opening in SF Uniqlo creates “Lucky Cube with Maru,” a sharable, interactive game where users choose a box to win a prize. Uniqlo hopes to drive traffic and buzz; The prize can be picked up locally or shipped. Maru the cat has received more than 175 million views and was inducted into YouTube Japan’s Hall of Fame.

  23. Converged Media Success Criteria © 2012 Altimeter Group

  24. Brands that do not integrate paid, owned and earned media types are at a disadvantage Fragmented messaging, inconsistent branding Redundant efforts, no communication/ collaboration Departments competing for budget Low customer engagement/ advocacy Convergence begins to occur in traditional media

  25. Altimeter identifies 11 criteria to successful converged media deployment

  26. Strategy: Understand Converged Media Brand marketers must first possess an understanding of the changing forces of converged media: Emerging practices Content types Technologies Channels News, media, current events Behavioral trends Other trends specific to audience © 2012 Altimeter Group

  27. The value of each media type depends on the business Source: Zuberance Paid, Owned, Earned Media Study, April 2011 Q: Which category has the biggest impact on your business in terms of generating sales, new customers, and revenue from marketing-related efforts? • Owned media such as your website or blog • Paid media such as search engines, banner ads or other advertising • Earned media such as reviews, online forums, other sources for peer advice

  28. Strategy: Plan a Stable Foundation Two legs (or media channels) may hold up the converged media strategy, but stability and balance is achieved when design incorporates all three. Deploy all three media type in harmony, integrating each to instruct the next The insights that come with analyzing earnedinstruct where to amplify using paid and where to innovate in owned Owned media provides the platform upon which earned and paid can exist and is foundational to the brand presence and messaging, which inspires earned Paidmedia helps drive volume to owned and earned channels, and ultimately what amplifies the brand message. © 2012 Altimeter Group

  29. Organization: Ability to Achieve Earned at Scale Earned is the most difficult medium to achieve, particularly at a significant scale. Essential both to build and nurture earned media is: • Content strategy, consistent brand messaging • Listening & measurement tools • Publishing tools • Inter-agency/ vendor communication • A fundamentally agile approach • An ongoing effort © 2012 Altimeter Group © 2012 Altimeter Group

  30. Intel’s iQ Social Publishing an industry first for integrated media curation The iQ experience, while still in beta, is comprised around social algorithms that curate content shared by Intel employees as well as owned and industry content. It is then filtered through a touch design based on the insights generated through all data in aggregate.

  31. Organization: Align Teams & Departments Brands MUST overcome the cultural silos that exist internal to the organization, aligning in a number of historically autonomous areas: • Ownership/ governance • Communication • Collaboration/ creative design • Campaign goals • Budget © 2012 Altimeter Group © 2012 Altimeter Group

  32. Intel among the first to reorganize… merging social media team with global media team “Why does this make sense? I found we were having similar conversations across teams. For the past several years, I have been encouraging every opportunity for them to work as one, sharing information and insights — driving cross media opportunities with our partners and thinking about a new world where the idea of “paid” or transactional media dissolves.”

  33. Organization: Align Agencies & Vendors Each will have individual areas of specialization and expertise, yet full-picture visibility is essential for all partner companies. Brands must play moderator and facilitate: • Communication • Collaboration/ creative design • Campaign goals, KPIs • Performance incentives © 2012 Altimeter Group © 2012 Altimeter Group

  34. Production: Aligned Content / Creative Across Channels Design, voice, message, branding, and other creative elements must be consistent: • Agreement/ alignment across stakeholders from day one • Across all channels and touchpoints • Singular brand message, no matter the media • Natural extension of organizational and partner alignment

  35. Why Virgin Mobile believes in a brand newsroom Built as a way to streamline the time between idea and execution, ‘Virgin Mobile Live’ is a the branded hub for all Virgin content. Targeting 18-30 year olds, the brand ‘joins the conversation’ with a youthful, pop culture-savvy tone. Content is shared 100x/month on Facebook, 200x/month on StumbleUpon.

  36. Production: Real-time Capabilities To be effective in converged media is to be agile. Brands must enable: • Proper labor resources • Proper tools • Stakeholder buy-in • Communication channels between stakeholders • Content marketing strategy • Empowerment to act, particularly in Earned media

  37. Real-time marketing turbo-charges other efforts Source: GolinHarris, The Promises and Pitfalls of Real-Time Marketing.!/insights/real-time-marketing-research/

  38. Production: Channel Flexible The empowered and dynamic customer has choices in how they consume; brands must extend presence across: • Multiple channels, platforms • Multiple touchpoints • Not JUST mainstream channels, instead following their customers • Demographic-specific hang-outs

  39. Production: Influencer Relations In the digital age, brands cannot ignore influencers, as they can amplify the message (positive or negative) across all media types: • Touting or shaming product/ service in unprompted Earned setting • Acting as the voice of a Paid campaign • Offering guidance or advice on Owned platforms • Influencers are key to helping build Earned at scale

  40. Analysis: Social Listening / Analysis of Crowd Social listening, monitoring and measurement are key for substantiating agility. Brands must: • Have systems and process in place to listen, measure, respond • Let conversation instruct creative design, strategy • Use insights to be proactive • Allow insights to facilitate personalization/ resonance © 2012 Altimeter Group

  41. Analysis: System for Identifying & Measuring KPIs Metrics are the foundation from which investment potential is established, understood, optimized, and realized: • The system for identifying KPIs must instruct the ongoing measurement itself • Metrics should be established at the outset… but can evolve • Metrics may shift based on segment, platform, campaign assets, goals,even cultural events, etc. © 2012 Altimeter Group

  42. Workflow: Coordinating Paid + Owned + Earned © 2012 Altimeter Group

  43. Execution Workflow: Coordinating Paid, Owned, and Earned as one orchestration © 2012 Altimeter Group

  44. Periodic Strategic & Analysis Reporting Investigate what’s happening in Paid, Owned, Earned channels What instructs what? Listen to and observe your customers Listen to competitors too What their customers say How they’re responding

  45. Content Strategy What message represents, reflects, speaks for the brand? Understand how content strategy varies: Persona segments, product type, geography, channel, screen, source of information Spans many stakeholders; internal depts. and external agencies

  46. Publication Across Channels To execute across channels, brand must define: Governance, engagement plan(s), communication, internal collaboration, series of meetings, designated leader, tools to support Agency and brands are increasingly adopting collaborationtools spanning multiple teams Growing ecosystem of tools CMS, Media Network Mgmt, SMMS, etc.

  47. Engagement Teams must identify hot paths and hot conversations where content is resonating Trigger further discussion via: Content Experts, Community Managers, Product Leads, Executives Advocates and influencers Also partake in ongoing discussion and monitoring

  48. Amplification Leverage converging media Use Paid to amplify Earned and Owned And Earned to amplify owned and paid… And Owned to amplify earned and paid… Explore new ad and promotion types via owned and earned Social ads, UCG New aggregation platforms (eg. Bizaarvoice) Tap into social graph by allowing those involved to share with their networks

  49. Restructuring Messaging must evolve and change in real-time to meet the needs and changes of the market Leverage emerging tools for customer collaboration Staying on-message vs. taking new positioning? Involve customers in the process; be innovative

  50. Measurement a baseline requirement across all phases • Conduct in real-time to allow for rapid iteration • Communicate progress to company via simple reporting • Daily wrap-ups, trend diagrams, real-time tickers